Hawken (Episode 41)

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  1. I actually like the Hawken aesthetic. It feels very Ghost in the Shell, especially with fast, flighty mechs and the loud, blasty combat.

    Age of Wushu is going to be a mouthful. It has every mechanic ever.

  2. Any chance you’d do a browser based game? I think it would also be interesting for you to maybe once cover a game with a really bad monetization system or maybe cover some of the more exploitative systems (maybe with games that use them) and talk about what makes them problematic. I keep getting ads for those type of games while watching youtube and I’m pretty sure most of them are horrible traps, but I would be curious to hear where those come from.

    • I don’t tend to “promote” things that are terrible. As much as I hated Maple Story, I didn’t go into it initially expecting to hate it. Same goes with Lineage 2. Maybe a little with TERA, but I didn’t approach the initial Sidequest with that mindset. It’s why I refuse to look at things like Evony or the majority of the Zynga lineup.

      Personally I am playing some Android Market games that are EXTREMELY manipulative cash-wise. With impossible puzzle moves, high-scores based entirely on luck, and overly punishing mistakes, all alleviated with actual cash purchases. It is outright despicable, but I try not pay attention to them as not to paint the free-to-play market as crawling with games like that, only pointing out what’s enjoyable even without a cash investment.

      • I’ve fallen into the trap of playing some of those for a while as well as they can be easy to get into and there’s this whole “if I just do this then I can do that” thing that never ends. Once you step back from them to look at it all objectively the bulk require little to no skill due to how much random chance is involved. It just ends up being mostly a matter of how much time and money you want to invest in them.

        They tend to have a lot of stuff that you can just bypass completely by giving them money. Don’t want to wait hours to days for this to countdown, give us money and there’s no countdown at all, ran out of in game gold/resources/etc, give us money and you can stock up on a ton. You can even buy gear or even XP in some, not XP bonuses, straight up XP, give them enough money and you’ll be at level cap in a couple hours if there’s no restriction on how many you can use. If you look at the top whatever on a server they’ll all be “VIP” members, and some achievements involve items you get next to none of in game but can buy in the hundreds in the shop which all enforces the money buys status idea.

        One final dig is against Wartune which you likely have seen ads for at one time or the other. That game flat out ripped off the music from several other games. Tried that for one of those “earn free cash shop currency” deals and it seemed odd that it had so many music tracks and with all of them being pretty good till I hit one I knew for a fact was in another game released many years before Wartune. Poked around, spoke to others, and it turns out many to all the tracks in that game were taken from other games, including some big name ones supposedly.

  3. Explain these to me!

    • I am not going to explain them. I am going to write them down, though.

      Newbie mech (that looks like a television) = CR-T
      Repair Bot that shoots three lasers = RD-TR1
      Repair Bot that shoots one red laser = RD-LZR
      Repair Bot that shoots water = RD-H20
      and two I didn’t mention:
      Repair Bot that shoots electricity = RD-SHCK
      Repair Bot that splits into four = RD-QU4TERNION

  4. I have to say, that I agree Hawken is not MWO, both games have their good and bad sides, but both games are fun play. And dude I do dig giant robots!

    Get love that Megas XLR reference.

  5. Look at all the colors! Yellow, black, brown, greyish brown, grey, other grey, other other grey, & bluish grey.

  6. Sadly, I’m in the “HATE the aesthetics” camp. I can sum up the game’s entire visual aesthetic as “it’s grey” and that really kills any joy I can have out of a game. That, and it’s a fast-paced “twitch” shooter.

  7. Mairenaianelle

    …yeah…that looks like Age of Wushu or whatever it’s called. ..no interest in it myself. Had no idea there was a lot of interest in it. o.O Just…doesn’t seem like it pops out like some other games.

    Hawken actually looks like it could be easier for me to understand/start out with for a while. I’m not a huge mech fan but I’m at least curious. From the review, it seems more easily approachable ( which is a good thing for me ).

  8. Oh god no! Oh god no! That stinger was a Final Fantasy game, wasn’t it?

  9. Oh, Hawken is out? Guess it’s time to look into that.

    Thanks for the Megas reference. Always gets a morning off right.

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