War Thunder (Episode 48)

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  1. only issue i have with this game is that Gaijin has made russian planes so stupidly OP i cant even fight them no matter what plane i jump into. So far im on the P39 Aircobra in USA and working toward the FW-190 (the first one) and ruskie planes out turn, outshoot and out run everything i have. Insta wing sheers, pilots knocked out you name it. It makes it so unfun to play in arcade or realistic when commie p[lanes are just damn near unbeatable in a dogfight which is BS cause i know for damn certain a Yak-7 can not out turn a Corsair, out speed it and out firepower yes but not out turn it and yet they always do.

  2. I forget where I was linked this from, but I just wanted to leave a comment saying that this is probably the best review I’ve seen of War Thunder. It’s a very fair review that looks at both the positives and negatives, as well as tastefully comparing it “the other game.” I love War Thunder but I am not above ignoring its faults, and when recommending the game to people I always make it clear what they are getting into. It’s not as easy to pick up and do well in as other games.

    The biggest criticism I can level is that because you only played to about rank 2-4, it’s worth that the grind for new stuff gets absurdly long once you get into higher tiers. If you think World of Tanks has a long grind, you have no idea.

    The game play also undergoes pretty drastic changes once you get to higher tiers, and Gaijin’s opinions on balance are often contradictory and confusing. Although the game is wonderfully polished and plays great, it is unfortunately the same mess of OP planes, poor balance, and poorly thought out map/game design that World of Tanks was until only recently.

    I know this all sounds really negative, but I just wanted to cover the things that a short term review like this one just won’t have the time to experience. I love War Thunder, and happily support the game and its developers. It’s currently one of my favorite and most played games. However, it has some serious flaws that I hope will be addressed as the game matures.

  3. Thank you for the awesome review. This might actually be the one MMO I’ve been looking for all my life. I’m curious though Chaos D1, does this game allow for planes from different eras? Like, I see most of the planes in the video are planes from WWI era and alot of the screenshots throughout the video show planes from the Korean War era (F-86 sabres). Do we actually get to fly these jets or have they not been implemented yet?

    • Koran era jets make up tier 19-20 of the game for Russia USA and uk poor Japan and Germany suffer either from ending at tier 17 (Japan) or Germany ending at tier 19

      • Ah, I see. That is pretty sad. Hmm, that being said though, I would love to reenact some of the scenes from the Mig Alley episode of Dogfights

  4. Going to guess the next game is Dragon’s Prophet, if there was any game that was so close to launch that is still really in a dev beta form it would be DP.

  5. Good summery of the game.

    Only thing I feel you missed is the variety in roles in the game. Especially when you talked about ground targets so much but didn’t mention the variety of bombers available and how different they are to the fighters.

  6. At first I was going to disagree with you on the community…Then I remembered: Youre probably on the American server so I cant judge it. Then I remembered…Ive played my lower tier fights on historical…Then I remembered Im playing mostly Dive-bombers, so I don’t even get into my teammates fire…

    Ramming gets less common on the higher tiers, but sometimes its just not avoidable. Once your plane is burning and your wings are basicly holes with a bit of metal around them you cant steer…

    But I came across an…entertaining bug in the tutorial for landing on carriers. The instructor didn’t take off, so I tried to land, crashed into his plane, and it didn’t count…

  7. If anything, this reminds me a lot of Stellar Impact, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of upgrades.

  8. Any landing you can walk away from; maybe he should have used a power glove.

    I think the next episode might be a MechWarrior: Online Backtrack; but I’m probably thinking that because a bunch of the Goons have been talking about abandoning MW:O for War Thunder (and it’s not ready to launch also [which it did Tuesday]; hopefully PGI will get UI2.0 and the start community warfare by the end of the year).

  9. Hmm…that next review sounds like Dragon’s Prophet to me. :)

    Anyway, glad you gave this one a shot. I adore this game and your assessment seems like a fair rundown of things. Not perfect, but still rather good.

  10. Loved the landing, you really did “nail it”! :)

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