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Original Review: Episode 39

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  1. Hi Jon, just thought I’d mention that Star Trek Online just received a major patch that has changed a lot of things and although I know this is not a proper place for suggestions I felt like mentioning it. And they reworked the tutorial so it starts with graduation. Overall I feel STO backtrack would be nice :)

  2. Not surprised Sun Wu-Kong/Son Gokuu was removed…He’s not a technically a god, but a stone-born demon or sentient Golem or Stone Elemental who achieved Enlightenment.

    • He was not removed. He just got a complete overhaul, with his original moveset being used for a newly added god.

      Besides, Sun Wu-Kong stole TWO sources of immortality from the gods. He’s a double immortal. That seems to be enough to have him star here.

      • There’s no question that he’s popular, I’m just saying he’s not technically a god. If I had a buck for every anime or chinese fantasy action comedy that had a Wukong/Gokuu in it……It’s good to use him because even westerners know who he is. that book was kind of painful to read through…wish Foreign Language Press hadn’t felt the need to translate the names of people & places to make it so cheesy.

        Unrelated question: Anyone know of an anime-style asian MMO that qualifies as a “WoW Clone?”

        • I also wish I’d checked me spelling & grammar before post ing that. Damn you, lack-of-edit-button!

        • Well, he’s popular and annoyed the bureaucratic Chinese pantheon. What more could you ask for XD ?

          Besides, what about Guan Yu? Dude was just a mortal hero that died less than 1800 years ago and only became a “god” because later generations whorshipped him as one. There’s no real lore or mythology surrounding him unless you count “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, and even there his acts as a “god” only consisted of helping out his son once.

          And indeed, the lack of an edit button is weird.

          • Oh, and if I remember correctly, his ghost also scared the living bajeezus out of Cao Cao shortly before his death. That’s, well, something.

          • That doesn’t make him any less of a God, he’s worshipped as one, was deified by the Chinese and I’m pretty sure is recognized as part of the Taoist pantheon, just because he happened to be a normal person who happened to be really good at ass kicking shouldn’t kick him out of the rankings, after all most Gods are just stories, at least Guan Yu got off his arse and earned a real reputation that a lot of people saw as being good enough to deify.

            • Guan Yu was indeed awesomeness incarnate – though that deification might’ve been a bit much. Well, might be a cultural thing.

              Sun Wukong might not be technically a god, but at least he has at least one holiday in both China and Singapore associated with him.

              (And I presume HiRez keeps him around as an Hanuman-Expy that won’t get Hindus mad.)

          • Most WordPress based sites don’t have an edit button by default. Many times the inclusion of one can allow unintentional back access to the site. It happened on BT early on. I just like to think of it as an encouragement for smarter commenting, proofreading and lack of backpedal ability.

            If anything, I think an “edit window” is the best of both worlds, add it allows typo correction, without allowing people to change or remove their entire statement later on down the line, because people didn’t respond the way they were hoping they would.

            Y’all might be taking edit buttons for granted, because that’s not a really common feature on the majority of sites.

            • I often watch this show on my tablet though; it doesn’t have the best spellchecker & the browser crashes frequently & the buttons are so tiny that you can’t not make mistakes.

              I like to save my statement, then open the edit to correct spelling & grammatical errors, which is more than most people do, I think it’s courteous to leave legible comments.

              I also usually rewrite the statement to sound less angry or unbiased; a good habit picked up from writing reviews.

        • And Arachne is a goddess? Where? She’s more likely a monster IMHO.
          I think they should get away from “Only Gods” to mythical beings too.
          Also originally Guan Yu is no god. He is just worshiped as a god.
          And Hercules? Half-God originally.
          And Bakasura? Based on what I know he’s an Asura. A lesser deity if I recall correctly but correct me if I’m wrong with this one.
          Opening up to mythical beings would mean things like Medusa.
          I’d also like to see more pantheons. Japanese mythology’s got quite a bit of gods and because japanese are more open with their religion I don’t think there will be any controversy like with Hindus. I’d love to see Susanoo, Amaterasu, Yamato no Orochi(who’s no god but…again more mythical beings), maybe the one I can’t remember the name that hid as a human and later turned to a cursed stone….tons and tons of more there.
          BTW: No Horus(favorite egyptian god…even got a statue from egypt from him)? Where’s Quetzalcoatl?

          Basicly what I am saying they got a lot of more to work on and I’d love them to expand and maybe drop the only gods thing(considering Arachne who’s no god…they already did). I’m happy for any new character.

          • The “only gods” thing seems to be community implemented, not so much a statement or set rule by Hi-Rez. Arachne was one of the first ones released, and the “She’s not a god!” screams echoed that far back.

            SMITE had always been a mythology title, consider even the fact you fight Phoenixs, Minotaurs, and the original practice bot was a Manticore, but the characters are referred as gods for the sake of simplicity.

            SMITE is going by the Ghostbusters rule of divinity:
            “If somebody asks you if you’re a god, you say YES.”

          • Should’ve done my research. Makes a lot more sense now :3

            And if we get Orochi, Cthulhu and Buddy Christ, this might just be my game XD

  3. SMITE is probably the only DOTA style game I actually enjoy. It’s much simpler than most, it looks a lot better and I like the concept of playing as various gods. I’ll see about giving it another shot JUST for Odin’s remake. Really, my only lasting issue with SMITE (other than that I’m rubbish at it) is that some or all of the male humanoid gods looked like they walked out a Mighty Mouse cartoon. If that’s seriously changing and they get proper humanoid proportions (no more short stubby legs, please!) and maybe proper, non-stiff animations, that might be worth dropping some more cash on it.

    And yeah, I know – graphics aren’t everything. But I already like the gameplay of SMITE.

    • This has less to do with graphics and more with the overall character design style. In this case, it’s nice they’re going for something different than this Blizzardesque cartoon style.

      And if I can ever be bothered to play a MOBA, SMITE will probably be it XD

  4. It’s funny how fast this episode has got dated. He Bo just today/yesterday got an awesome reskin.
    Shows how fast they are with new updates.
    Love the game, will not part with it unless they totally f something up. A dota style game I can play on my own(hate Dota2 alone) is always good.

  5. Was wondering when you’d get back to Smite. …also, I’m not sure if you knew about it already but HiRez decided some time ago that they’d be using Reddit as “forums” and removed the forums on their site because they couldn’t keep it up to date. Pretty old forums and nobody to work on them, supposedly.

  6. I hope HiRez’s push to have Smite played more competitively doesn’t ruin the casual nature of this game. Smite occupies a nice niche right now, and I think that most of its success is owed to its accessibility, hopefully HiRez realizes this and wont ruin this accessibility in an attempt to make it more “competitive”.

    • I don’t mind competitiveness though, balance should be something they focus on. But they should also focus on making the game just plain old fun. I just don’t get MOBA players in that respect, I suppose.

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