Backtrack: Vindictus

Original Review: Episode 25

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  1. I just visited this site for the first time, will look at more reviews later but I started off with your Vindictus backtrack (and then the original review). Seems pretty fair so far but I have some things to point out. First off, the character customization has been expanded so that you can change more than just the face and hair. You don’t even have to pay to do it either, zounds! Unfortunately you DO have to pay (quite a bit too) to do it after your character is actually created, and the customization options are pretty much just size/length related.

    I notice that you mention that the dungeons get rather annoying and grindy, which IMO is actually a symptom to another problem. One thing that absolutely bugs the heck out of me about this game, and results in that long grindy feel is that the trash enemies are extremely easy, re-used, and just plain simple and boring. The bosses are exciting but you cannot reach them without enduring 6-20 minutes of trash clearing first. Later on when the games challenge ramps up to obscene (for an mmo…well, if you’re soloing at least…it’s still fair and very balanced just, it makes games like dark souls look like a tutorial later on unless you have ridiculous gear) levels, you encounter bosses that can often 2shot you, and give you little to no opportunity to use healing potions. This is fine in of itself, but when you get toasted by a new boss you aren’t familiar with in 20 seconds, having to re-do 10 minutes of trash which is STILL completely devoid of all difficulty and variety is just a pain. I’ve never seen a game with such a large gap in difficulty between stage and boss in my life, particularly one with stages that are NOT short (not long, but not short either).

    Also, as someone mentioned, you fortunately no longer have to repeat dungeons simply for battlepoints to unlock future ones anymore.

    Anyway, I actually like this game alot, and feel it has the best battle system in any mmo I’ve played, but I just thought that your biggest gripe about the game was similar to my own, and since I’ve played the game alot more, I felt I could offer some deeper insight to the nature of that grip (hopefully you agree =P).

  2. i know this is a recent backtrack but they just updated the game with the new character that uses Greatswords named Hurk. They also announced the 8th character Lynn which seems to be a spear/ polearm user

    • Hurk is a hilarious name. I can probably do an update when they get around to incorporating Lynn. Or the very minute Esyllt becomes playable.

      • you will probably have to wait sometime next year for Nexon N.A. to update that, Lynn was just released from the test servers in Vindictus KR a few days ago

  3. After having tried it again: god I love Vella’s second weapon but it also shows the problems with the optimization very well. The left click, left click right click combo depending on the surroundings and enemies tank my PC a little bit. Other then that I still do notice little stuttering but I like it more than back then.

  4. Invisible Walls, Done. If you do not like exploring, try this waist of of a game.

  5. I gave this game another really good try and ended rage quiting again over bugs and problems. Bugs like dodge skill hitting invisible walls or getting stuck inside a boss. Like mouse clicks being randomly ignored. That combined with how some skill combos work. I too really like sword Vella, I really wish they would fix these many problems.

  6. Wow, we can use the second weapon at level 12 instead of 25. By the time we get to that level, we’ve already invested a ton of points in the first weapon. With my Karoc, I stuck with his tree/pillar thing instead of the exploding cetus.

    Now I’ll have to jump in and try out the mage girl’s scythe! :)

    • Rats, Evie’s scythe is usable at level 12, but none of her skills unlock until level 24. Someone screwed up!

      Guess I’ll try out Kai and his steampunk machine gun.

  7. I tried it just last month after rewatching your last review on it. I WANTED to like it, I really really did. After repeating one time-based dungeon over & over & over again, I uninstalled it. Timed levels are even worse than escort missions with suicidal NPCs (looking at you LoTRO & TERA).

    Speaking of video cards…I’m beginning to notice that a LOT of the MMOs I try really don’t seem to like AMD cards; very nVidia-centric. Am I alone on this?

    • In before anyone tells Jon that he should have waited for the November 27th Update to review this game. Now you don’t need to bring it up.

      • You don’t have to do timed dungeons. There is absolutely no reason to select oath of honors anymore, because after the ignition update you don’t have to run an instance multiple times to unlock the next dungeon. You are rewarded with 100 BP upon completion and getting more than that is pointless as it doesn’t give you any benefits.

        Jon a great review like always but you made a small mistake. You can’t select the boss you want to do in S2 dungeons. They always spawn and the icon of it that you can select at the start of the mission is only to show other players which you want to do. And the end bosses of those dungeons (Kielu, Captain, Monark) require that you kill other boss monsters first otherwise they won’t spawn (For example if you want to do Kielu you have to kill Zaka and Kaula first).

        • Oh, that’s good to know ^_^ I should reinstall it then. If the time quests aren’t mandatory to unlocking the next step in a string of quests, I can just abandon them.

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