Backtrack: Age of Wushu

Original Review: Episode 42

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  1. I played this game’s european version for a while. I kind of liked it until I realised how much this game encourages beeing bastards to people and discourage teamwork. I don’t mind pvp, but the lack of teamplay is what really killed that game for me

  2. I’m still waiting to see war fans before I try this game…somehow I feel they would be an awesome addition to the game…not sure why they don’t use those, dang it… :/

  3. As with Aion, I’ll give it a try when they cave in & set up a PvE server, or do that thing like in RIFT where you can switch your permission setting to disable PvP.

    You don’t have to be antisocial to hate PvE; it’s all about having an aversion to forced interaction, dependence on a group, wasting time typing, petty arguments with strangers, rancid chat trolls, unwelcome surprises from uninvited persons (griefing), & it ruins the immersion of roleplaying.

    I visited the official forum & noticed I was the only person visiting it. Is it really that empty now?

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