Eden Eternal (Episode 7)

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  1. Fantastic review of the game and it shows how much has changed over the years.

    Great job and thanks for reviewing such a fab game! “Claps”

  2. will you do a side quest on the changes the game has gone through since you reviewed it? (i think it both hasn’t changed at all but also changed alot)

  3. My boy here said Class so much this episode that he DEFINITELY knows classy. Great job here. I hope you really review Dream of Mirror Online as it has a similar systems but has the Final Fantasy Tactics feel to the job system. I’d love to hear your opinions on that game. One of my favorites.

  4. I just recently started playing the game, and have enjoyed it so far. Fortunately, I’ve found some people that have been willing to help me out, and have been very nice. So, thank you for introducing me to the game, as it has been a good experience overall.

  5. Yes, but Teleport doesn’t always have a runic summoning circle whirling underneath you as you cast it, and stealth doesn’t always have you fade away with a whoosh noise. I was going to show side by side comparisons to each spell I named in WoW, but I no longer ran an active WoW account. Cut from the list were “Oh hi, Blizzard” for a targetted AoE ice spell that rained down blue shards, and “Oh hi, Blink” for a spell I never saw in a game until WoW, where your character teleports forward a short distance as if you’ve have a bad lag framerate spike. Those like MegaGWolf and myself who’ve played both WoW and Eden Eternal will tell people until we are blue in the face that the game is unabashedly like WoW for more than just though few examples… we still love the game to death.

  6. Specter Von Baren

    Something that irks me. “Oh hi stealth, oh hi charge, oh hi teleport.” Teleporting is something that is incredibly basic to games, being able to instantly return to a city is something I can remember as far back as Dragon Warrior! Seriously, teleporting is one of the most basic of basics you can put in a game just on your own, it isn’t a rip off. Stealth is another ability that has been done in many many many games, being able to turn invisible isn’t a freaking WOW invention, it’s another basic idea that anyone can come up with. The only one I can give you (But I don’t know how it plays in this particular game though) is charge because of how it works has enough specific details that it could be a mimic.

    But don’t take this little outburst from me to mean I hate your reviews. I actually just found these videos and I love your methodical and generally optimistic spin of these games, even the ones you don’t like, like Maple Story.

  7. ShinobiApplejack

    Hey, just recently started watching your reviews. Very well done, I must say. Do you still play this? I’ve started playing and it would certainly be nice to have someone to talk to that is familiar with the game. Thanks.

  8. My husband and I tried this game out because of your review and we’re having a lot of fun! The auto route feature is amazing, and I love the smaller group sizes for dungeons. They’ve added a bear and “hobbit” race since your review, and the face issue seems to be fixed. I’ve seen a lot of sound bugs, (they not triggering sometimes), but it doesn’t happen too often.

    The only real issue I have is that you have to pay to reset your “talent” points, (knowledge points.) It’s only about 5 dollars real money, but you have to buy one for each class you want to reset. You can get them on the AH or buy them for gold from a player who has bought it ala the guardian cub from WoW. But choose carefully and maybe think about looking up builds before you choose if you don’t want to pay to fix it later.

    Another issue I have is one I have with a lot of games: I wanted to play a bear but it said that there was only one gender for them, same as the frog and mouse race. It didn’t say what gender they were, so I assumed that they were neutral body types that could be either male or female and was really impressed by this. Then I got in game and I saw lady bears with big honking breasts and realized that this was not the case. Like the Mithra in FFXI I hate when there is only one gender to chose from when there are clearly more genders in game. This denotes laziness. It’s like the woman, (or men in the Mithra’s case), should just stay in the homes and don’t get to adventure, and there really isn’t a good story reason for it. I also hate when the only real difference between males and females in fantasy animal races boils down to: females have big perky breasts, males don’t. Or worse they are far more straight spined, humanoid, and lady like than their more monster like male counterparts. World of Warcraft really peeves me off in this regard with the Tauren, Worgen, and Troll women. Lets just say I don’t hold out much faith for their future panda design. I really wish games went more the female Charr route more often. It might be “sexy” to some, but it breaks immersion for me.

  9. Thanks for the review, I started playing the game because of it.

    Btw, you can deactivate the “Critical Earthquake” in the Chr Options

  10. I really enjoyed this review since I’ve just started playing EE and I agree with what you’re saying. There’s always a problem with playing “new” games though. I’ve already encountered several bugs. That one with the face was the first one I noticed, I’ve also had problems with some quests.

    Nice review :)

  11. @Matthew Keppers

    I think the nature of MMOs is so complex that it’s tough to really find such a simple term to encompass the playstyle. Quest Driven seems nice, but even DFO, and my Upcoming Hellgate: London are quest driven, and they aren’t even remotely like WoW in playstyle.

    Maybe “World-Based MMO”.. I dunno. This is kinda hard. Guess we’ll just have to keep piling on the adjectives and acronyms.

    • Well DFO and its ilk are arcade style MMOs, so thats an easy one. I want to call Hellgate an MMOFPS but that only fits the hunter class. Could settle on lumping it in the action mmo pile with DCUO and Vindictus. Maybe there won’t be one, maybe the WoW types will just be considered standard MMO, and everything else named around it. But that’s too easy.

  12. I enjoy these reviews, since there are just so many F2P games around to try. However, I just HATE the term WoW clone. It is such a horrible term to use for a game that has similarities to WoW. Might as well call all FPS games COD clones.

    • Actually the industry used to refer to FPS games as “Doom clones” (which always annoyed me since Wolfenstein 3D was first). Similar to that the industry used to refer to all 3D Action platformers as “Mario 64 clones” and all fighting games as “Street Fighter clones”

      Yes, the term unquestionably sucks and is utterly uncreative, but it’s a painful necessity for a couple reasons. First off, it took a long time before the media settled on the term “First-Person Shooter” so “Doom Clone” was used because, well, everyone knew what Doom was. It was a simple way to tell people about a genre that was fairly new, and only just started to exist at the time. It’s still being commonly used to this day when the situation arises.

      The term “clone” is only a few steps above the term “rip-off” (a term I utterly despise when I hear it used to describe a game), but “clone” has stuck. I don’t expect people watching MMO Grinder to know WHAT an MMO is, let alone if I were to use a term like “3DMMORPG”. In fact, I DO try to say “3D MMORPG, or even “3D Fantasy MMORPG” but the terms are still pretty vague.

      When I say “WoW Clone, it’s because the game IS a WoW clone. If the interface, classes, spells, battle system, travel system, inventory system, armor system, quest system, control scheme, and general look and feel of the game is reminiscent of World of Warcraft, then it’s basically TRYING to be World of Warcraft, and anything other than that term would be beating around the bush. I love Eden Eternal but to deny it’s a WoW clone would be a gross ignorance.

      So until the industry agrees on a term for an MMO game that acts exactly like WoW, there’s really no better way to describe it. That or until WoW is no longer the most popular well known 3D Fantasy MMO, and we start calling these games by a different MMO name. Yes, it’s unfair to compare every 3D MMO to WoW, but it’s the industry standard right now.

      Like I said, it’s an unfortunate necessity when describing these games to a mass audience.

      • And you are right of course. And like Doom and Wolfenstein, part of the hatred comes from EQ2 coming out at the same time as WoW with a similar set up. But yes, there needs to be a term for this genre within MMOs. I have always thought of them as Quest Driven MMOs myself, though don’t know how well it fits.

  13. You know, I had a gut feeling without looking at this site for a week this would be up, and guess what? Time to watch!

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