Star Wars: The Old Republic (Episode 33)

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  1. I know this has been said (and is on an old video) but the only class to get a second companion on the starting planet is Jedi Knight, everyone (including JK) gets 3PO with a neck brace, he is not a companion he is a butler. The Consular next companion is basically a Han Solo type with slicing skills and a holographic girl friend AI.

  2. Do you know if there’s a way to change the destination of the installer (I want to put this on my D: drive but the launcher defaults to C: with no easily apparent way to change that)

  3. Oddly I think I am just about the only f2p player in the mid level area since every player I see has a title/surname which I doubt every f2p player paid for the unlock around level 20+. Then again I do not know if preferred status gets titles unlocked.

    Playing all solo is a bit of a bad idea. Since I skipped all heroic missions I been pretty under level, but that is my fault. When you go into an area such as Hoth at level 35 where it says the place is level 37 – 41 you know I’m must be doing something wrong, and yes everyone I ran into in Hoth has a title or their surname displayed… am I the only f2p player in that area? Oh well, I did just finish the quest line in Hoth maybe I’ll see some of my fellow freebies in the next area.

  4. in regards to that “C3PO in a neckbrace” thing that’s most likely the droid u get from gaining your ship not every class gains their 2nd actual companion on the 1st planet outside the newb area

  5. Worst part of the restricted stuff is you cant post on the offical SWTOR forums unless you pay the 15 sub option. Thats the most stupid thing I ever heard of before. The free/preferred users cant post on the damn forums.

  6. YOU LIED!


    Wow, those restrictions sound terrible. I need a bit of goodwill before I drop any money. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  7. I can say that the xp penalty isnt as bad as it sounds on paper. As a free player, I have not found that the xp penalty has gotten in the way of keeping up with the level requirements. As a matter of fact, by the time I start the next step of my class quest, I fully expect to be 1 if not 2 levels over the quest level. Im not grinding Heroics, its just I have that quests left to take care of before I move on. Same with the higher vendor prices for free/preferred players. Im finding that if I spend 3 or 5k at a vendor, I make back that money within a half hour.

    Im not defending EA, I agree that a lot of their restrictions are dumb and only serve to annoy the free/preferred players. Im just pointing out that a lot of those restrictions are not as bad as they seem.

    I am curious Jon, did you have fun with the game? You didnt really say in your video. Also, is this a title you plan on continuing to play or at least keep your eye on to see how it progresses?

  8. A game that only hyped due to its name, truthfully…

  9. The game magazines I read in the early 2000s used & abused “Diablo Killer.”

    Finished playing Oblivion last month…Still burnt out on repetitive dungeon/cave design.

    That skill tree is just standard fair leftovers from every RPG & strategy builder of the late 90s, possibly older.

    Spend forever crafting an enchanted weapon only to find a better one in loot. Sounds like Runes of Magic.

    Looks like the type of game where you don’t have to like or even be familiar with Star Wars to play it, plus it’s LotRO-like & isn’t set in an ugly grey & brown environment, so I’ll try it. I’m fine with familiar mechanics. I actually rage quit Grenado Espada because I couldn’t get used to anything. I’ve never played WoW & unless it goes FTP, I never will.

    How many levels higher do you need to be than the quest to solo through a 4 Man Heroic? I think it was 7 or 10 in LotRO.

  10. Well I wish to add one comment about it; as a role-player I found that my character being given a voice, and the choices never, ever matching what I thought was being said, actually pissed me off and pushed me away, as a role-player. Not to mention that fact, no matter how people tried to deny it, it is just WoW with a new skin on it, in every sense of the word.

    In the end I found the story to not be all that engaging to SWTOR, and in fact I found it insulting on many levels at. I know BioWare gets praised for storytelling and such, but honestly, I just have never seen it, as I consider everything they’ve written either to be so convoluted as to not really have a definable plot, or just so ridiculously silly that the fact they are even popular baffles me. And gameplay certainly isn’t something that draws me into BioWare games either.

    In the end I never was a big Star Wars fan, and all the promises made by BioWare, as expected, never lived up to it. And when they announced the F2P and I saw that draconian list, I had to do a double take when I saw how much I would actually lose if I even dared think about returning. I was actually going to play around on the F2P when it was announced because of a friend wanted me to play with her, but I saw those draconian restrictions and uninstalled SWTOR again before F2P even hit. No point in playing if my character was pretty much going to be walking around naked, since everything I had was either purple raid gear or purple PvP gear.

  11. “oppressive restrictions” is an understatement…

    Even some of the shadiest and most ridiculous MMO sites are more then adamant about just how god damn ridiculous this game is with their sham F2P, and are even warning people about it…

    SoE’s Everquest and Everquest 2 plans where ridiculous, but they basically copy/pasted them and made them far worse with this one….

    It is amazing, this game continues to piss people off and “unite” the world against it again and again..

  12. Triangulation Technician

    A really spectacular trainwreck, that was really captivating to watch. I applaud to “BioDrones” on the internet who provided much entertainment.

    Now when it’s F2P, I might try it for its storylines.

  13. For those of you who have played and enjoyed this game, know that my following comments are not meant to taunt or torment you, however…

    As a former Star Wars Galaxies player, it does indeed warm my black heart to know that SWTOR wasn’t anywhere near the smashing success I kept hearing it would be while my beloved SWG (my first MMO) was dying. Yes, SWG was horrid in many respects, but it was MINE, and I loved it. Now I’m going through the pain all over again with City of Heroes. :(


    A part of me just want a game that change to free to play (F2P) to fail just to get those that believe that F2P is the future of gaming to shut up.

    With such limitation on the free in SW:OR, I think many would blame the limitation and not the change to F2P.

  15. Oh man that’s painful… 30-50 level range was slow enough as it is… the shift to free to play doesn’t seem as smooth as it could’ve been. I’d actually been thinking of getting back into this and trying the free to play…

    • I know, right? Even with a couple of dungeon and space missions to spice it up in between planets, it felt ages between lvl 30 and 50. I truly hoped the F2P conversion will be done smoothly, but some choices seem _really_ restrictive. Most I can understand, as their choice is to grab some new players who can become potential paying customers (just to avoid the restrictions), but I’m not sure how it will turn out. If I had to guess I do not think many will become subsriber. I’m waiting until character slot unlock becomes available in the Cartel Market, then grabbing a few of my old ones that I did not finish back in the days =)

  16. Signed up for free trial before conversion:

    All original races for all classes
    Fleet Pass
    Half hour cooldown on teleport orb
    4 quick bars

    After conversion Free trial turned into F2P:

    lost most races (including the Miriluka, who I was going to use to play the republic side)
    Loss of fleet pass
    2 hour orb cooldown
    2 quick bars

    yea, most of my entusiasm for the F2P conversion was quickly killed. When a sub games free trial has less restrictions than the F2P option, you’ve done something wrong; I’m not paying for something that was free when I signed up.

  17. I was thinking of picking up to play this game before this review, but due to the load time on my computer, i decided to wait till i felt like i want to….
    And now I will never.

    I have played Wow since before Blackwing lair opened (Laggerspine 2005!), around April, And this game is just Wow in space.

    From the moment you compared it to wow, I had to laugh my ass off as to think I WAS gonna play this. My friends kept talking about it over skype and even wow itself over going to Old Republic, but I am not surprised that the game wanted to be like Wow with Star Wars over it.
    Thank you for saving me Memory on my Computer :3

    And to be fair with it, I did enjoy the review. You made me smile this coming Christmas.

  18. Not everyone was surprised it went F2P:

    Nice ATHF reference.

    So has anyone else played the Star Wars: Rebel Assault games? Because that’s what the space missions remind me of.

  19. I agree with Peter and Pyramid–I got really into this game because it plays like a new KOTOR, not because I wanted a new MMO. I just wanted to point out that not all the PC voice acting is mediocre; I’ve only seriously played the male Imperial Agent, but the voice acting is just spectacular, as is the story. Apparently this is one of the classes where your decisions can seriously affect the story, too.

    I also really love the companions–if you’re a Bioware fan, you’ll enjoy the companion conversations and even romances. (Though, as always, the most awesome companions aren’t romanceble.)

  20. I have to confess I haven’t been a MMO fan for quite a time now. It’s mostly due to the fact that I despise the whole shebang that comes with games like these; grinding missions in order to level up so you can defeat a boss and unlock more missions to grind to go to the next boss, so on, so forth. I also hate running into people who take the game too seriously. Not, in an RP fashion, mind you, but in a “I must be top-ranked” kinda-way and believe me, I’ve met people like that. They are pathetic. Willing to move to a new server just to be the best.

    With that said, this is a MMO I can pick up and play whenever I want to and don’t care about the restrictions. I may not be a MMO fan, but I’m a Star Wars fan and a diehard KotOR more than anything. Also, considering how this is labeled as a MSPRPG, I can avoid most interaction with the playerbase, which is kind of weird since I’m playing on the RP/PVP server and I agree. I have not met any RPs since I started playing and I’m already level 9.

    I’ll be playing this game for as long as the main quest lasts and then I’ll just forget about it. Most likely way before that.

    PS: Hey, Jon, how does your facial hair grow? I mean, your mustache and the goatee. You should let it grow and trim it from time to time, so you could look like Daren Taylor, the drummer from The Airborne Toxic Event, who by the way, looks pretty boss. Just saying.

  21. I’m simply baffled by the restrictions EA put up in order to alieanate new players.

    5 self res, and that is all? In 50 levels you will die. Not a lot, but much more than 5 times. 5/week would have been okay-ish, but 5 in a lifetime is just.. wow.

    Hide helm is something I will never understand. I truly hate most of the helm looks, but there is no chance in hell I’d pay for a basic option. Do preferred accs still have to pay for this?

    The other thing I won’t understand is the quickbar restrictions. Okay, limit the gameplay elements, but the friggin’ UI or options. F2P/Prefferred accs are already being pretty restricted, they don’t need to be limited on how many spells they can put on the bars.

    I actually prefer to look at this game’s F2P mode as a free Kotor 3, that way it’s really decent. The sub version is an okay mmo, which I did give up WoW for (I got really tired of Blizzard’s bullshit decision and the general direction they were heading), but I did not play it for really long, probably 3-4 months. I definitely enjoyed the storylines though. Especially the Imperial Agent’s. Jedi stories felt a bit too goody-goody to me. However I LOVED playing as a light side sith warrior/inquisitor, put up a huge grin on my face a lot of times to act against how I was supposed to =)

    • Only 5 self resurrections ever? That’s kind of a deal breaker. ::Moves game lower on the To Try list:: I can wait for EA to cut more slack.

  22. As one who has been subscribed since launch, I can say you’ve pretty much got it right. A lot of the Free to play restrictions are bizarre, like paying for additional quickbars and such. And, surprisingly, you can’t pay for additional character slots, which makes no sense considering the whole legacy system is made for multiple characters. But in all, an accurate review.

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