Backtrack: World of Tanks

Original Review: Episode 16

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  1. You should have mentioned that “gold” shells (i.e. shells with increased penetration ability that allow you to penetrate armour thicker than normal AP’s) are now available for credits also (i.e. for the currency you earn in battles).

  2. I find World of Tanks just keeps getting better, personally. The game actually looks decent now. It looks like a recent game, at least. Gone are the days of WoT looking like a bedroom developer’s budget title. That, and physics has enabled some pretty unexpected ways to traverse certain maps. I’ve snuck up on enemies and been snuck up on in positions of supposed safety via having tanks slide down steep embankments where before this would not have been possible. I’ve yet to land my tank on top of another tank, but I’ve come close.

    I forget which patch that was, but the rebalancing of the matchmaker is amazing. I still dislike being placed in a match with enemies +2 to my own tier, but at least that’s a worst case scenario for the most part. Prior to this, I’ve had plenty of instances where my piddly T5 Heavy tank would be put up against T9 tanks. Talk about pointless effort. I still prefer playing in my own tier, however.

    I haven’t noticed “pay to win” being too big of a deal. It is, occasionally, but it’s FAAAR too expensive for me to be at all reasonable. If there are blockheads who want to blow real money on ammo to beat me with it, I still consider this a victory for myself and my own financial independence.

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      You do know this isn’t your game review site, right? You want to comment on the odd point, go for it, you want to write your own complete reviews on games, start your own game review site.

      • Just so anyone reading the above doesn’t get the wrong idea, I was responding to comments made by someone who has since had their comments removed due to their unrelenting rude and inappropriate behaviour.

        • I marked it. I have a feeling I’m going to have a lot of these to watch out for. Deleting his tirade made a lot of people look like they were yelling at people they weren’t actually yelling at. Myself included.

          • Since this one is still somewhat new and it looks easy to misunderstand I mentioned it. In the 2012 Year in Review one I just look like an idiot talking to myself since I was the only one in that chain, due to that and as it’s older I left it. Although it looks like you went around and tagged posts with “((In reply to a deleted comment.))”, thanks.

  3. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    I agree this game sucks

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