Sidequest: World of Warplanes

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  1. As mentioned once above, War thunder is really far better then WoWP right now. The mouse controls are surprisingly good in arcade mode, and planes damage models are alot more satisfying to shoot at and even getting shot down can be alot of fun to watch. Also about what you said at the end, Wargaming has stated they will NOT be aiming to have joint battles between land air and naval combat. The closest you will come to that with Wargaming is clan battles may require a clan to attack with more then one type (in seperate battles) to capture an area, free xp is also likely to be shared. If you want joint battle types then you need to look to War thunder again as they do plan to have planes tanks and ships all fighting at once. In fact right now they do all fight at once, just the ships and tanks are AI controlled since tanks and ships arn’t out yet.

  2. A game combining fights in land, sea and air? That would be fucking AWESOME.

  3. I’ve never found an aerial fighter game that does things right, really. Most just end up feeling like auto-run third-person shooters, and I’m including Star Conflict in this. I’m neither a pilot nor a historian, but it just seems to me that all the actual intricacies of aerial combat seem to be stripped from most games that have to do with planes. Beyond entering into constant turning circles with enemies, there never seem to be any aerobatic manoeuvres required, and that just makes the game waaay too simplistic.

    I like World of Tanks not because of its “realism,” but rather because it’s a slow, methodical game with a lot of intricacy in it. The requirement that you stop to fire, the ability to hide behind a simple curve in the terrain and the generally slow speed of movement means you can’t really run and gun. World of Warplanes, by contrast, is a game in which you HAVE to because you can’t stop moving.

    • True dat. I’ve seen more intricate dogfighting maneuvers in Crimson Skies… The Xbox one. If air shows have taught me anything, it’s that Biplanes can turn a some pretty sharp angles, and have a ton more maneuverability than is showcased by this game. That or I haven’t really played with the control scheme well enough. That or it’s still a closed beta, and tweaks might be inbound.

  4. Muahaha, it’s the brownest game you’ve ever reviewed.

    You know how in some games, the starter area is the prettiest area in the whole game? ::Looking at you, Runes of Magic & LotRO:: Does this one actually start in that hideous bleak barren desert wasteland?

    My uncle loves flying sims. I’m going to recommend this to him.

  5. After trying both out, you might aswell go with War Thunder instead of WoP. War Thunder executes everything better than WoP in my opinion but try out both if you’re interested.

  6. As previously said, this game looks a great deal like War Thunder, or War Thunder looks a great deal like this one. They are almost identical in concept and apparently execution, including the focus on eliminating ground targets rather than capturing bases. My concern for World of Warplanes mostly sits with World of Tanks – a game about “realistic” tank battles that used relatively tiny maps and an “invisible tank” detection system. Although World of Warplanes looks like it uses much larger engagement areas and reasonable view distances, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be seeing some artifacts of the poor ground-based engine from WoT.

  7. Hmm….. the game sounds intruiging, but mouse control is what puts me off. I’m a bit more of the realistic flight games, especially when it comes down to the controls. This sounds more like a casual game to me in regards to that. But on the other hand, the stationary targets thing sounds really intriguing. Ah well, there’s always world of tanks, which I haven’t really gotten into yet :P

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