Age of Wushu (Episode 42)

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  1. Triangulation Technician

    Why don’t you like antialiasing?

    • It looks “blurry”. Instead of looking crisp and detailed, it puts on this horrid looking filter to fool your eyes into thinking the pixel edges or “jaggies” as they were once known, aren’t there when they still are. It’s a lot of processing power wasted for a pointless cosmetic touch up to something I thought we all got over during the PS2 era.

  2. Rufus T Fyrfly

    Now this actually looks like alot of fun. I’ve been curious about this since a couple of my coworkers were hyping it up, saying they were gonna leave GW2 for this game. They seem to be having fun now, so maybe I should check it out, too.
    Between this, ESO, and Darkfall, it looks like a great year for MMO’s

  3. Next is an MMO that launched on May 1st, hm? The only one I know of that officially launched on May 1st would be… Ragnarok Online 2. The remake of it. Am I right, Chaos?

  4. Alright. So I took his words in with a grain of salt and looked on other sites. After experiencing it and playing for at least a day and a half…. It’s good.
    It sort of reminds me of Mabi but done better. There are no numbered levels and it’s not always about the quests but just doing things like making friends or spying on schools while being at war with them as well.
    If you do not like movies like Crouching Tiger at all then I say it’s a game you should not play. Other than that, go have a whack at it. Like Chaso said, You either will love it or hate it. And I am leaning over to love. Now if you will excuse me, I have some crops to tend to for my cooking.

  5. Hu, I am surprised that you will review Neverwinter next, after all, it’s open Beta yeah, but still a Beta.. Though I am also kinda psyched about it.
    (can’t wait to play it, but still patching, pfff.. Darn slow speed internet)

    Age of Wushu looks really, really interesting (and female healer class, woot), but yeah, PK is a turn off for me, even in a system like this. Though I have to admit, PKer getting executed, kinda sweet.
    It also sounds at times very complicated. Almost every MMO needs a learning curve and getting into it and researching, what one wants, but this one seems to be on top of the curve for it. (yeah, I actually take the time to research stuff in MMOs, I am strange dying-out kind of species)

    • I’ve piddled around, and if you PK without reason it suuuuuuucks. Execution is just the icing on the cake, you have in jail time to serve before that, and the debuff after you “die”. And all that time? In game time.

      Kill 30 people unprovoked/not in a different school? Enjoy 72 in game hours of jail sucka!

  6. I tried playing this a couple of weeks ago, but it felt a bit restrictive. Every time I progressed, it seemed like I needed to spend gold to go further until I hit a daily limit. It’s a shame because I liked the setting and the, sometimes confusing, combat.

  7. There’s been some issues with account security with this game. Several people have reported having all of their gold (purchased currency) and silver (earned currency) stolen. After some review some users have noted the lack of encryption, lack of using the IP addresses already tracked to note any unauthorized access and the general attitude of the Snail staff of “oh well, sucks to be you”. Some players have reported repeated foreign logins after changing passwords and scanning for malware or keyloggers.

    The game is fun, but I would strongly encourage people to think twice about paying real money for anything unless they are ok with losing the money very quickly.
    that’s the link on the game’s forum about the matter.

  8. I’ve been debating this title. I’ve been looking for a sandbox MMO again, but I didn’t think Age of Wushu would be that type of game. I might have to check it out though, because God knows we need a new sandbox title to replace the sea of theme park trype we have.

  9. I downloaded and tried Age of Wushu after watching you stream it. MMOs that do a lot of different things at the same time are my favourite ones. Where you can essentially focus on one aspect (combat, crafting etc) or do a little bit of everything.
    There are only two things with the game that makes me question if I want to be playing more of it and that is both the setting (which I’m not that into) and the intense confusion that I felt when playing. I don’t mind games that get complicated, but I do expect some sort of ramp up to ease me into it, slowly adding more facets of gameplay.
    The start of the game feels like a really bad move for player retention. Dumping you off from character creation into a huge city with so much happening that doesn’t concern you yet. A small starting area/village would have been ideal for learning the basics. The school grounds for your “clan” feels more like something akin to a starting area than the city you start off in.

    By the way. The new developer/publisher/curator of Pirates of the Burning Sea have just recently gotten account creation up and running again after the departure from Flying Lab Studios and SOE. So now might be a good time to take a look at it if you had any plans of checking it out in the future.

  10. I wouldn’t worry about mispronouncing one of the Chinese languages too much. Even within China each city has its own dialect, and sometimes people speaking “the same language” from two different places can barely understand each other.

    But for a beginner, q’s and x’s that show up in our romanized letters are close to the “ch” and “sh” sounds.

  11. It took me watching a second time to get a hang of everything you said (this was definitely not a review for more casual listening). It sounds intriguing, if scary. I might get around to checking it out just for how different it is.

  12. Marco Polaris

    Thank you for elaborating on the moves, ChaosD1. I’ll admit, I’ve been a little baffled about how to use them even with the in-game direction. Even now, I think I might have to read up a little more before I can perform alright in combat–I’m still not sure if I’m supposed to remove the shallow kung fu skills now that I’ve picked up a big handful of Tangmen stuff or what.

    • Yeah, that’s one of the things I didn’t touch upon because I didn’t want to over-saturate the video with information, but you pretty much one want to stick to one skill set per quickbar. If you use a move outside of a skill set, the skills from EVERY other skill set will be placed on a cooldown. For example, if you see you have a Shallow Kung Fu ready to use on your bar, then all your Golden Snake Sting Tangmen skills will be on cooldown. It will make combat much slower than just using everything from one skill set. The same applies to other skill sets from the same school, like once you unlock Tangmen’s Vertigo Dart skills, if you use a skill from that set, then all skills from Golden Snake Sting will be on cooldown. For the most part, keep skills sets seperated into one particular quickbar. I make an exception for the Golden Snake Sting skill “Following Madness” as I find the movement speed boost extremely useful in travelling and escaping, even if it’s not useful in combat with any skill set except Golden Snake Sting.

  13. InternetFamous

    I’ll be honest here. I love the SHIT out of this game. Granted, to know why I love it, you’d need to understand a little bit about me. I absolutely adore games that give you high degrees of freedom and don’t really push you along a set path with any sense of urgency.

    This game is pretty much the essence of that. If I want to log in and sit around town all day, I can do that (setting up a stall and turning on internal cultivation means you’re always progressing in some fashion), or if I want to level up tradeskills, I get more out of it than items I’ll use for a short while then throw away to adopt the next tier, which I will then throw away because I found something better just laying around in the world. Or, I can put on some music and troll around a zone I like doing low impact quests for some experience and money that can be used on the game’s NPCs and trades. OR, I can do any of the game’s numerous and really quite refreshing PvP activities. OOOOOOOOOOR, I can go out and ruin some dastardly Wanderer’s Valley student’s day while he jumps my Shaolin friends.

    I can see a lot of people being overwhelmed by this, but not me. I embrace the “DO ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING!” vibe with reckless abandon. I’m hoping to see this game take off in many ways, and I can’t stop playing it. This could be, at last, the first MMO that I’ve been able to stick to since I quit WoW 2 years ago.

  14. Actually, the Life Challenge mini-game is a knock-off of Puzzle Quest, which is Bejeweled with RPG elements. I also recommend that game and it’s sequel, Puzzle Quest II, you play a in a fantasy setting and the puzzles are used for combat.

  15. Okay, in defense of people who get angry when you afk in TPs, you literally have to press SEVEN KEYS at max on a very slow moving timer bar, then you wait for your turn again. In a full 10-man TP that’s gotta be 3 minutes+ before you input another keyset. PLUS you get a tremendous amount of cultivation points added to your skill if you can go without breaking a chain (messing up) and the inputs are really easy so the only way TO mess up is if you’re actually trying to fail.

    The first few times you try it out I can understand not getting it, but do it enough times and it becomes second nature. But I can go to the bathroom and make a sandwich in between my turns so there’s no excuse for going AFK and screwing the rest of us over.

    Yeah, it’s a chore, but from what I’ve gotten this game’s based more around actual martial arts training instead of “oh I killed fifty boars, I’m suddenly able to use a skill I didn’t even know existed and feel stronger by what I’ll consider three units, and I can use this new hat I was apparently not smart enough to wear before”. It’s SUPPOSE to be a chore to train martial arts! Having to sit and meditate by a waterfall for your skill to level up makes sense in the context of the game, and training with a group of people is suppose to make it speed up. So to have that one guy join and never do anything, thus slowing the rest of our training down, it’s a big deal. D:<

    *sigh* sorry, rant over. So Neverwinter next? Good luck with the queues. It took me twenty minutes to get into the game, at which point my computer burnt my arm from overheating which kept me from switching to another character while ingame knowing I'd have to go through that queue all over again.

  16. Now trying to get a key for this game is quiet the thing….At least the EU version got no more keys left anywhere which is unfortunet.
    I actually love the whole sandbox feeling giving me the feeling of a Star Wars Galaxy…now if it had housing+player cities I’d be at home.
    Otherwise looks pretty good and once I’ll get a European key I’ll try it out =)

  17. This seems like pretty much everything I hate about MMOs. Little direction in storyline, large open sandbox where I’m supposed to make my own fun (something I tend to think I’m paying game makers for, confusingly enough), impenetrable over-complicated progression system and the worst aspects of 9Dragons in the player stalls.

    I can’t say this thing is a bad game, but I’m not sure I could call it a “game” in the same way I wouldn’t call Second Life a game. This thing looks like it’s trying to be an interactive world, and that really is pretty much everything I hate about MMOs.

  18. Wow. I didn’t think this was going to come in under a half an hour long, but you did it, and it gave a good impression of what this game is.

    God help me I’m still selling buns.

  19. No offense, but if it wasn’t for the fact that you already made up your mind about reviewing Neverwinter, I would have recommended waiting a while, maybe after they added the promised drow race and the datamined warlock/ranger classes and dragonborn/eladrin races.

  20. Chinese can be hard, but trying how to figure out how to pronounce stuff in French is the bigger bastard.

    It kinda looks like Loong, but the gameplay is totally different.

    I like the androgynous faces & long hair for males, but the Hanfu on both genders could have stood to be more elaborate & flowing. The cash shop had some, but rentals are a straight-up no.

    Hmmm…I’ve played another game with a similar policy with Gankers, but I can’t remember what it was.

    It really does look interesting, but slow progression is offputting & open-PvP is never good for soloers.


    • Seeing how I’ve seen enough romanized Chinese (I’ve read “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”) and learned a bit of French at school (sadly, I was never all that good <_<), I can see what you mean. Pronounciating words in these languages is a bitch if you don't know anything of the rules.

      And seeing how a typical MMORPG usually gets boring for me after a while, this might just be the right one for me XD

  21. I tried this game out. It’s really interesting, but I don’t think I could figure it out as an mmo. If there was a single player sandbox like this? I would definitely poke into it more. A single player would have a higher chance of fan mod translation too, which would help.

    • yea as a MMO it’s nice but i get the feeling it’d make a fantastic single player game

    • I wish ever MMO I played was single player. But FTP MMOs are often all my broke ass can afford to play.

      • f2p is mostly all i can afford as well, but that doesn’t mean i want them all to be single player. I would never have cared for star trek online without the multiayer combat. anarchy online is too expansive and spread out to be a good sp game. i think its wushus complexity that gets me. its something to study, learn, and master. but on my own time, not in a group setting.

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