Mabinogi (Episode 60)

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  1. I am confused. I remember really enjoying the City of Heroes review. What went poorly there? You aren’t saying your visiting an old game with a dedicated fan base is a death sentence is it?

    • That’s exactly what I’m saying. I get that people with sense, such as yourself, understand what I’m doing, you should enjoy the result. However, when I’m presented, without context, to a group of long time dedicated players, it only takes that spark of one person shouting their problems before the whole thing turns into a mob mentality, with everyone shouting their own problems rather than bothering to take the content as a whole. I take it you didn’t get to see that Facebook page, did you? The one where Paragon had to come in and tell everyone to chill the fuck out, which still didn’t stop the endless rants and curses against me as they were already convinced I made the video to shit on the game.
      Old communities don’t want me to look at their games because they feel I can provide them a fair look, or bring in new players… they want me to praise it with the same dedicated fervor they have, and see any critique of their game as a damnation.

      • Nope I sure did not see that FB page. I just remember, at the time, being thrilled that you were going to review my favorite game, and upon seeing the video I remember liking the review at the time and more or less agreeing with the points you made in the video and liking it quite a lot. CoH was by far my favorite MMO. It’s the only one I ever max leveled a character, four times even, but to pretend it was perfect is ridiculous. Nothing is perfect.

        Though what I was getting at is I thought for a second there you were saying that you reviewing an older game is a curse that gets it shutdown, like other superstitions akin to goats at Wrigley field and such. :D

        I think you just have to accept that some people are nuts and that they scream the loudest. The most humurous bit of crazy I remember in the CoH history is when the new auction house system was on the test server, they colored the “Black Market Truck” for the villains to look to Optimus Prime, and someone, in all seriousness said, “How dare you do that, Optimus Prime is us 80’s kids’ Jesus!” XD

        That crazy line still makes me giggle when I think about it.

  2. I loved playing this game back in like 09 and ust doing………..well anything really. It saddens me they have sold out to anime area and even tying in a not that great anime (SAO and yes i know its huge but its not that great, watch a video game anime go watch .Hack, better charatcers and story) and have thought about jumping in again after the money i dumped into it.

    Playing by myself though was boring. If you still play it i would Love to hop on a play it with ya man, granted im not on alot due to life and shit but have enjoyed the games i have jumped into with you and the community around you like Age of Wushu.

  3. Sarah Valentine

    I’ve been wanting to see this one for a while, but honestly I never expected it to happen. I played this a lot as a kid and have since been on-off with it as it’s grown. At first when you mentioned that the combat system was complicated, my reaction was the kneejerk “No it’s not!” followed by your explanation, and a realization that “Oh yeah, it is…”. It’s really nice to get perspective on the game from a fresh player, while also having the understanding of someone who’s played it for a long time. The review has actually made me consider getting back into the game more heavily, maybe start over and get something fresh from the last time I restarted when they completely overhauled rebirth and skills. All in all, great review!

    Still wish they hadn’t added crap from that crap anime tho….

  4. I really liked Mabinogi when it first came out, just like you. I also found exactly the same problems as you, except I understood the combat system better. Between running out of AP and not logging in that frequently back in the limited rebirth days, I found progression exceptionally difficult.

    I liked that they initially gave a free card for either the elves or the giants. Do they have a restriction that you can only have one race or the other per account, or is it possible to have both?

    The one thing you probably should’ve mentioned was the minstrel system. It’s very robust, and I’m not sure there’s any other system in other game. I remember there was even an index of composed songs that could later be copied into in-game scrolls. The other life skills aren’t as important or interesting.

  5. Yay, something nice & long to watch while I install Team Fortress 2. & a game on my MMOGrinder wishlist, no less. I feel I need to break away from the monotony of RPGs for a while.

    I loved getting multiple free mounts & pets, especially since one flies, & it has a nice sandbox feel to it. The horrible fishing mechanics, time limit on accepting jobs, inconsistency of clothing available in the specific color your looking for at any given place & time, mount run time limit, slow pacing, bland landscapes, blinding sunlight, $15 card for a human companion, & character creation limits for free players really grate on my patience though. Of all the RPGs I’ve tried, this one definitely felt the most different, & that was refreshing.

    The people who play this game are really nice. Helped me find out how to get to this place my Eagle refused to fly over. Even helped this one girl with the same thing; she was totally patient, even though I type as slow as molasses drips. The players seem to concentrate in specific areas like Dunbarton, while some places like Taillteann are complete ghost towns.

    Whenever I return to this game, I have to relearn the combat. & I can’t seem to with with sandbox RPGs; Mabinogi has too little direction while ArcheAge is too linear. Falling in the middle is at least one thing Neverwinter has going for it.

  6. Ah, guessed wrong.

    You hate to many community’s/games :p

  7. Sword Art Online gets a bad rap, which I don’t really get. Maybe the manga was just so much better, or maybe people got pissy when it left the game world, or the lack of ambiguous pairing like what seems to be ensured standard practice for anime because of cultural reasons. The only excuse I can find is that it came out about the same time as Attack on Titan, so competing fanbase, or that it wasn’t living up to its hype when it’s at best, a much better than average anime that actually had an ending.

    Seriously, compare it to .hack//Sign, and if you can survive an episode of Tsukasa, the ultimate Shinji, with your brain intact enough for a coherent thought- nevermind, there is no good comparison for it, except maybe No Game No Life, but that’s more standard “trapped behind fourth wall” metafiction.

    Hmm, just wondering if the game lets you fractal bag, or “bagception” as the laymen would call it, for infinite storage.

    So — have you heard about Bioware’s stab at remaking TSW, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be named “You’ve been chosen” or “Shadow Realm” or what.

    • because the MC can do no wrong and has to save the FMC from an evil rapist is not good rather have a MC who sucks then one that has no real flaws

      • ogresamanosuke

        Anime fans have never taken issue with Mary Sue’s before, look at the deranged love of Mikasa from Attack on Titan. She is the most blatant Mary Sue in history, going so far as to being the ‘last Asian alive’ in the story. C’mon Japan, you aren’t even being subtle anymore, stop it.

        • Mikasa’s not a sue because she has flaws she may be strong an kick ass but she can’t talk to other people her one thing is to live disregarding any thing else and because of her power other die try to keep up. But all that sum fans can think of is do they kick ass or are cool and that mind set is dum

    • I’ve gotten over a lot of bad habits from my younger days, like biting my fingernails or interrupting people, but one bad habit I can’t seem to get over, which is arguably more annoying than either of those two, is correcting people when they get something wrong, no matter how small or insignificant that detail is, and even moreso when it’s related to something geek-related. All that said, I feel terrible about having to say this and I sincerely apologize but… *deep breath*

      Sword Art Online isn’t based on a manga, it’s based on a series of light novels…

      That said, I will not apologize for any of the following comments:

      .hack//Sign is far and away better than SAO

      I will take Tsukasa over Kirito any day (and how dare you compare him(her) to Shinji). Tsukasa is actually interesting, has character flaws and actual depth, and actually develops and grows as a character by the end of the series, as opposed to Kirito the unstoppable badass who never does or says or thinks anything wrong, and despite being trapped in an MMO world where an overwhelming majority of players are guys, he somehow manages to find every single attractive female player in the game, and they all manage to fall in love with him. Kirito being a pretentious asshole doesn’t help his case either.

      Everyone’s supposed to just quietly ignore the existence of .hack when talking about SAO, because if it’s ever brought up, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that at the end of the day, SAO is at its core, a .hack ripoff.

      And yes, SAO certainly deserves flak for turning the character of Asuna, who was a badass warrior woman in the first half of the series, into just another crying damsel who needs to be rescued in the second half.

    • @Nathan:
      I guess I can see getting squicked at implications. I took a few of the filler episodes where Kirito screws up a bit too much to mind, I can kinda see this being sort of Gary-Stu’ed. Also, probably blinded by all anime MCs seem to do the no faults.

      Tsukasa is not a fun, interesting, or dynamic character. She goes from whiny to less whiny. Hell, unlike Shinji, Tsukasa had people trying to help her out of a bad situation without being manipulative, or a jerk about it, but indignantly refuses help time after time because angst. What’s Asuna do in a similar situation? Struggles against it with every fiber of her being, attempts escape, isn’t too ungracious to be thankful when helped, cries when, and only when, she’s out of options.

      Because strong characters must ALWAYS be strong and nothing bad ever happen to them and put them in a compromising position because that paints them as weak. Right. Tsukasa isn’t a character, it’s a woobie with no character strengths, which are just as important as weaknesses.

      So, aside from the trapped in a video game concept that’s been a common theme in fiction since the 1980’s, and character archetypes common in all anime’s ever, how is SAO a .hack ripoff? I get the comparison, but because it’s “Like X but ___” doesn’t really make it a ripoff.

      Also, you might want to look up pretentious, when you use it inaccurately, it makes you appear pretentious.

      • Your assessment of Tsukasa as a character is completely and totally wrong, you clearly missed the point of her arc, and I’m not going to waste any more time arguing over it, because you’re stuck in your negative opinion of her, and neither of us is going to change our opinion.

        Your attempts to defend Asuna in the second half of SAO are falling on deaf ears, I assure you. “Kirito… Save me…” Enough said.

        Now you’re trying to put words in my mouth which I never said at all, in an attempt to make my opposing argument seem less valid than it is. This is what’s known as strawmanning.

        SAO stole ideas and concepts from .Hack and tried to pass them off as original, and it tried to cash in on the popularity of an established franchise by selling people the same story again, but done much more cheaply and with much less effort. Therefore: Rip-off.

        “Also, you might want to look up pretentious, when you use it inaccurately, it makes you appear pretentious.” That sentence you said right there? Definition of pretentious.

        (P.S. Chaos, I sincerely apologize for this… The last thing you want in a comments section for a video is people arguing over something completely irrelevant to the content of the video. I’ll try very hard not to do it again, and endeavor to be a better community member in the future.)

    • The only way competitive fanbases between anime fans makes any sense to me is if two shows were on different channels on the same time slot. But who still watches anime on TV when you can watch whatever you want online on your own schedule? I guess a competitive fanbase between 2 mangas of the same genre who’s authors detested eachother would make sense.

      You can legally watch both AoT & SAO on Crunchyroll for free.

    • so…i feel its important to mention that just because two series take place in an mmo does not make them instantly comparable.

      SAO is more comparable to something like…say, log horizon, for actually having the same premise (a large number of people- as in, basically the entire playerbase- find themselves stuck in an mmo with a surprisingly large scope and promptly begin their quest to leave), despite their many differences in execution (SAO goes for the dramatic approach, while Log Horizon went for a more realistic approach, and chose to closely examine the implications of the premise). .Hack, on the otherhand tends to follow on a series-wide (and distinctly different from SAO and log horizon) premise and is largely character based. its not a game-wide phenomenon that people are stuck in the game world, it targets specific individuals and is tied heavily the lore of the game and the inner workings of it. so i think comparisons like that dont work too well.

      although tsukasa is similar to shinji, i’ll give you that- though i think he ends up somewhat more tolerable for reasons i cant quite explain.

  8. I tried to get into this game about a week or so ago,and,yeah…I had no idea what I was doing. Thanks a million for this review.

    • When I started this game, I spent as much time on the Mabinogi Wiki & player guides trying to figure out what to do & where to go as I did actually playing. When you’re stumped, the best tips are on youtube.

  9. The better question is: Why do Gaelic words spelled in English retain that spelling when that’s not how English works?

    The game itself looks interesting and unique, even if it’s ugly as sin on account of its age. This sounds like a much better choice for someone looking for a sandbox experience than Age of Wushu. I’m not one of those people, but I can still appreciate the direction.

    I’ll pass, but good review nonetheless.

    • I’m actually surprised this game was developed in 2004. Serious Sam 2 came out a year latter with cartoony aesthetics & looks way more polished & better aged. Mabinogi’s graphics look even older than American McGee’s Alice, which came out in 2000.

  10. I vowed never to play a Nexon game again. I used to play Maplestory (for some reason) and I can remember being blocked from the MS-global server. Turned out that Nexon decided that Europe wasn’t really part of that whole ‘Global’ part and blocked every European IP. I had some high level characters, (foolishly) pumped money into double exp boosts and made some friends amidst all of the other obnoxious teenyboppers who plagued the servers even back then. All I got for being a dedicated player was a message saying: “cool story bro, play EU MS, lololol u a sap”. No character transfer, no compensation, no nothing! It’s safe to say that Nexon is as obnoxious as 99% of the retards who play their games. Fuck Nexon.

    • Nobody likes Nexon.

      We just (barely) tolerate them because they buy publishing rights to our favorite games.

  11. Yet another fun review, actually really glad to see another long episode… though I’m now left with this longing feeling for SMT: Imagine… might have to go back and watch that review a couple hundred times as I cry myself to sleep wishing for it to return.

  12. Do I smell an incoming Wakfu review?

    Also I’ve always wanted to get into Mabinogi but there are so many things that put me off from it.

    • Probably not seeing as he hasn’t done a sidequest on it.

      • He said he had previously written it off the game as a sidequest only game not that he had done a sidequest of it before.

        The only game I can think of that fits that criteria is Wakfu which is now completely F2P when it was P2P before, it also underwent big changes with this.

  13. Can tell from your shout of Nexon!!!! You really like them…….

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