Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 32, 33, and 34)

Today we’ll be going over another three games, one that surprised me in a big way, one that didn’t surprise me in the slightest and one that was a game that I played. I have come to realize just how “meh” I am on a lot of these titles. Sometimes the illusionary objectivity is just my inability to care!

Episode 32: Dark Blood
With DFO DOA (when it WAS, pedants), Rusty Hearts rusting away, and my enthusiasm for Elsword being knocked down for a defensive boost, I’m not sure what got me into Dark Blood. Wait, I am sure. It was tits. Beyond that ridiculous feature, and rather messy game and presentation, I loved the hell out of this game, as it was a very visceral and satisfying beat-em-up when you got your head around the moves and combo system. It was a blast chaining together several attacks into a knock up and finishing it all with a heavy strike that shattered your opponent into bloody chunks that rained gore upon the stage. I was very sad to see it go (giving it a SIX HOUR farewell stream) when Outspark shut it down early, shortly before they shut themselves down. Then it was revived by “Nexon GT” whatever that is, and I haven’t played it much since. The graphics? Muddy and brown. Quest interactions? Repetitive and convoluted. Breast Physics? Nonsensical and overblown. Do I suggest more people try it despite its numerous and obvious flaws? Fuck yes. Its the bacon of beat-em-ups. You know it’s terrible, but you want more. (ETA: I find out that the day before I wrote this, the game was announced to be shut down again. FFS.)
Recommended?: I’m weird, so remember that before you hear me say, “YES.”

Episode 33: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Wow, I knew this thing was an overhyped mess from the day of its announcement.  So much smoke was being blown up our collective asses we could have used our colons as a barbeque. Spoilers, I don’t like this game. It’s not a bad game, because WoW is not a bad game, and this is as WoW cloney (but we’re really not!) as you can get without sticking to a fantasy setting. The cutscenes? Superfluous, and nothing that couldn’t have been covered with quest text. All they did was add a cutscene to the “refuse quest” option. Light vs Dark side actions? Set dressing for binary bullshit “Gandhi or Stalin” style moral choices, letting you do nothing more than buy specific items from a vendor. I can’t get into this game, this world, this setting (despite liking Star Wars), this gameplay, or this combat, and everything about it bores the hell out of me. Even starting a mostly-for-fun group stream with Nash, RolloT, MegaGWolf did nothing to keep my interest in this game. It’s so not for me, and I really don’t think it’s the best option among many Sci-Fi MMOs.
Recommended?: It certainly has its diehard fans, but from me? NO.

Episode 34: RaiderZ
To those of you who used to listen to my old podcast, RRRRRRAAIDERRRRRZZZZZZZZZZ!
That out of the way, this game was… ok. Just ok. Not super pretty, but functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Repetitive, but not overtly grating. The unintentional best part was the hilaribad voice acting which gave me some fond Resident Evil memories, but the rest of the game surrounding it was just… ok. It was actually tough to remember a thing about it, and it certainly didn’t stick with me, but I remember at least being engrossed enough to not feel bored while playing. If I can’t make a personal recommendation one way or the other, I tend to lean toward the positive, so there’s probably something here for someone.
Recommended?: Uh.. YES. Sure. Why not?


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  1. As far as I can tell, Nexon GT is a merger of two subsidiary studios of Nexon, specifically Nextoric and GameHI. Apparently, the studio services some of Nexon’s older titles. As for what gives with Dark Blood, I don’t know, but the shutdown was very abrupt. It’s also not clear what the “internal issue” in the STEAM announcement for the game is. Here’s the link if you want to see for yourself:

  2. RaiderZ is pretty much a ghost town now

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