Firefall (Episode 47)

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  1. I thought I might give it a try considering Warframe is starting to loose its charm for me as my “Shooter I fire up every once in a long while”

    But the weirdest part was going to the firefall website and coming to the realization that I had signed up for the closed beta almost a year ago when it wouldn’t let me use my e-mail account to sign up.


  2. I think there is one thing you forgot to mention on this review. THE CREEPY VOICE OVER. I don’t know what is being said yet but seems you get something akin to voices in your head when near chosen. I was scared out of my chair when I first heard it and I still don’t fully understand what causes it.

  3. RIFT has warmed me up to playing with others & you just might get me to try an FPS game this year…Maybe.

    My favorite was FriskyEel.

    Bird > Motorcycle. Everyone knows that.

    Mm, not really crazy about directionless MMOs or soul-crushing crafting or the environment aesthetics & colors or repeating quests, so I’ll be passing on it.

  4. This is really not my type of Game, but wow. I am sold on the Soundtrack alone. Its really, really great from what you let us hear.
    I might download it for the Music (well, and if I have it, might as well try it out a bit. Though I am currently fully happy with finally getting Marvel Heroes to run *kicks the Game a bit, just for being a pain in the tail*)

  5. Good review generally the only thing I would disagree with is the community, so far I have found it to be very friendly and helpful with instances of unhelpful people being rare. Maybe its an area thing, I’m in Europe.

    Enjoying the game a lot. And the patches and updates seem to be coming thick and fast so it will hopefully just keep getting better.

  6. Wait, written by who?

    I didn’t see anything when I searched and nothing on Wikipedia. And Firefall is a common name for a lot of books and things, searching for a writer wasn’t turning up anything useful.

  7. I really wanted to like Firefall, but it’s just like your wrap-up says – a very grindy, very directionless ultimately boring game. Even if I were the type to make my own fun – I like to think I’m paying professional developers for that – there isn’t all that much to do in Firefall. It looks pretty, it plays well enough, but PvE is basically grinding for material so you can be confused by a crafting system that’s complex for the sake of being complex.

  8. I so wanted to play this game… then time passed and it wasn’t released, I saw ads and was steps away from buying a founders pack… then the game wasn’t still fully released, got my friends hyped for a free beta weekend… nothing, eventually I lost interest and ended up downloading Warframe and have sticked with that since, most of the grind elements are present in both games and I do love the ninjas… IN SPACE!

    Your review was very informative (as well as reading the comments) but it just isn’t enough to pull me back into the game.

  9. Downloading it right now. Looks interesting and maybe I get some friends to play with me.
    Jon got any opinion on ESO as of yet? Not about the game in general but about the whole going sub based with monthly fee.

  10. Oh God that name generator. Could not stop laughing

  11. Wait: your account was deleted? That shouldn’t be possible, since there was no character nor any sort of account-wipes made. Unless you were playing on the Public Test Server, that is not the “Live”-server. Amd judging by the video, you were more than likely playing through PTS-version of the game, because Arsenal-battleframe / “Omnicon”-update was only released on Tuesday to Live-server.
    (the observation was mainly pointed out due the appaerance of Arsenal and Omnicon-banner buffs, and the time-between the patch release and the needed time to make videos, so I may be incorrect. For that, i apologies if this is the case).

    For the sake a clarification, which wasn’t mentioned in this video, the game is played on “instances” or in “zones” in-game-term-wise. So there’s no trational server system in the play. The zone-chat only covers a single instance, much like in say Guild Wars.
    Here’s a small compendum to clear out the confusion:

    As for Red Beans, they are actually directly converted from Euros, so 10-beans is ~1€. Hence the reason the dollar-prices seem to suffer from “Microsoft Point-syndrome” (which didn’t convert into Euros at all, because MS was like “Euros are same as Dollars”, much like Valve/Steam-initally).

    There are numerous amount of things I’d could point-out/ nickpick trgarding to this video. But these are the more major ones.

    The overview itself was rather fair even with few misinformations. And granted, some things should be explained better within game itself. However, we’re only getting there one step at the time. As mentioned, last Tuesday a milestone-patch nicknamed “Onmnicon” was released for the live(-beta)-servers which itslef made some mojor chnages for various missions (e.g. taking down tornados requires more precision to shoot the shards since only one of them is damage-able at time).
    This meaning a lot of thigns can change within small timeframe, jsut a fair warning to those who intend to jump in Firefall.

    In case you’re curious, I’ve forwarded this video to the forums itself, where you can see the comments of the players:

    Also, you can blame this person for the name-generator:
    He’s also known as “Mousekliks”, most well known for making Final Fantasy A+-video.

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