Backtrack: League of Legends

Original Review: Episode 10

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  1. I suspect that they add the “unskilled player” option as a reportable offence to deter people from filing false reports against people who did nothing else wrong but play badly. They recognize that people rage, and they don’t want those ragers impeding justice against people who’ve actually done wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone getting banned for playing badly unless they were blatantly trolling and have a ridiculous score, or bought 6x boots or something.

  2. Man, fuck you for that annoying-ass background song throughout the entire video. Worst thing since roaches.

  3. Oh gee, they put in quite a LOT of Dota 2 features like they’ve been doing constantly, hah..

    But yeah, same game, just more cash grabs, no surprise.

    You know Chaos, after seeing your stream with Dota 2 and seeing you go from “What is this, why so confusing!!!” to playing 3 or 4 games and realizing “Oh…that’s….not so complicated….” it might be time after all, heh.

  4. Yeah, the music was a bit distracting with Teemo talking in the background.

    Anyway, after putting hundreds of hours and dollars into this game, I’ve finally quit for good. It’s nothing wrong with the game itself, it’s still the same basic moba experience that has millions of people addicted, it was the rage that made me quit (lol ragequit).

    Some people may just say “Just play with friends” but that doesn’t work so well when this game turns your friends into jerks as well. Seriously, being “trapped” in a game (To avoid being reported/banned for leaving) when you’re being destroyed and two people on your team just refuse to surrender will make a lot of people rage.

    Anyway, I’ve moved on to SMITE for a casual experience. I don’t feel it’s as good as LoL, but there’s less rage (on my part) so it works better for me.

    If a person is just trying to get into a moba, I would suggest DOTA 2. Yes, it’s harder and the community is just as elitist as LoL, but overall it actually is a deeper experience and it’s much, much easier to jump from DOTA 2 to LoL than it is vise-versa.

    • First line, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    • I disagree with surrendering. Nothing pisses me off more than people surrendering, personally. It makes me feel cheated when I win by forefeit and it makes me feel even more cheated when my team surrenders. There’s no such thing as a lost game until your Nexus goes down.

  5. ogresamanosuke

    Should be stated that most of your complaints on LoL are easily fixed by playing with friends, but I won’t deny that some of these asshats still exist. My prefered strategy to deal with tools that want to dictate what you play is ignore them, if they dodge, cool, if they don’t, play what I wanted and dominate anyway for doing something unusual.

    Hell, the LCS (their eSports league) is currently on fire with popularity for a new player named pr0lly because he plays entirely counter to the meta, using shit nobody expects and destroying teams because of it.

    • “Hell, the LCS (their eSports league) is currently on fire with popularity for a new player named pr0lly because he plays entirely counter to the meta, using shit nobody expects and destroying teams because of it.”

      This line right here. I LOVE this line. This is exactly why I think the concept of “the meta” is so ridiculously stupid. When you box yourself in to a self-imposed ruleset, and refuse to play outside of it, you completely expose yourself to people who would think outside that ruleset. However, Meta players in general tend to feel it’s the ONLY ruleset, and they everyone should know it, and rather then understand why it’s detrimental to play only in one manner, or commend someone on thinking outside their self created box, they complain that the other player “isn’t playing correctly”. The amusement and frustration I get from this has no end.

  6. If asked what I figured you’d do the backtrack on, I wouldn’t have guessed this. Although given how it has been ages since you reviewed it, apparently plenty has changed and you still actively play it, why not. Also that song, man do you ever seem to love that song lately.

    • I was torn between that or Vi’s Theme. That won out… for some reason.

      • Music without words would have been probably be less distracting, at least for me personally.

        • There have been studies on the matter, you know the ones where the idea that Bach or Beethoven make you smarter. It’s just that if there is some sort of vocals your mind instinctively tries to figure out what is being said. In effect you’re trying to listen to two conversations which generally doesn’t go over that well. It’s also why you shouldn’t listen to music with vocals while doing any sort of work or studying, it works as a distraction.

          Vi’s Theme was catchy though.

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