Fiesta (Episode 26)

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  1. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    I checked a more recent First Look video & they seem to have at least addressed the “one face/only blue hair” thing.

  2. SMT:Imagine? I played that for awhile… the rock-paper-scissors mechanic was weird, even for SMT.

  3. Hmmmm….Digimon Masters? I’ve heard about it for a while, but now I’m seeing ads for it everywhere. I’ve been meaning to check out Megaten for a while.

  4. Ether that or Pokie Ninja…Perish the thought (Not a big Naruto fan).

  5. Let me guess, the next episode is Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine.

    It’s a popular Japanese series so that’s my first guess.

  6. I’m guessing EP 27 will be Shin megami tensei Online or Megaten for short for it just got its servers transferred from Aeria to Atluses own servers. I used to play it and did transfer my stuff to Atlus side but it’s very grindy and when it was on aerias side the CS basicly sold power.
    Welp that’s my guess.

    • Also thoughts on Fiesta: It’s like a Vanilla flavoured MMO. Seen a lot of ads for it so at least their ad campaign is huge.
      Other than that nothing really to say it’s so bland…
      Just jumped on the chance to ramble about SMT >.>;

  7. Huh. I saw some ads of Fiesta, but nothing interesting enough to make me want to play.

    To go along with Ace Pilot 666’s message, I have many memories of FlyFF (Many less fond than others, especially from levels 30-45). My sole character that I did manage to get above level 60 (Which, at least for me, is where the game starts to be fun) was a support class (level 82 I think), probably the second-easiest class to play as (The easiest being an unofficial class, bowjester, often abbreviated as bj, offering slight amusement to those who still think “penis” is a curse word). I have a real love/hate relationship with the game, as I’ve met many of my internet friends from there, but the grind is a real pain. Also, it really doesn’t help if you don’t know what you’re doing when you first start, because all the classes have specific builds (Many of which just dump all your stat points into one stat). It was a real pain realizing (at level 40) that my stat choices made my character useless for either Blade (high dps) or Knight (AoE Tank).

    If you have no idea about “greens” (read: set items) the game can be pretty frustrating as well. It’s been a long while since I played, but I remember the community being fairly decent, and making a lot of friends early on. I do remember there being one or two gold spammers at all times in the starting city, but they were absent from both of the other cities, and most people really ignored them. If you do happen to give it a review, feel free to add me on skype (lulichix)

  8. Awesome, shin megami tensei was 1 of the games that I really loved, but I just couldn’t stand Aeria’s crap.

    Aeria will always hold the “worst” spot for me with people that run free MMO’s for sure. Their lazy hide and seek crap, awful servers, awful events, refusal to add in content form the Japanese version, etc., etc.

    I was planning on checking up on if some more story modes where added in not that long ago to find out my level 80 something was now gone because they changed publishers to atlus.

    Still, the game is so freaking great for fans of the real Shin Megami Tensei games, and has a lot to do. Also encourages and rewards guild/group play from the start without much any “elitism” either.

    Remember being so excited about the game that I applied for and got accepted into the Japanese beta which I played for a long time (long before they started banning foreign ip’s sadly).

    Still, it’s one of the MMORPG’s that brings a smile to my face with good memories (except Aeria who can BURN IN……ugh…)

    • You can transfer your aeria account to atlus online though. Just check their website or SMT:I launcher for that.

      • Sorry to say but I think it’s impossible to transfer your account details from aeria to atlus. Aeria scrapped pretty much every account that was not active during the allotted time of about 4 months before the transfer and also the accounts that were left behind without verifying the Atlus transfer process were also scrapped.
        All banned accounts were also scrapped.
        Well that’s at least what I heard and read from Aerias moderation team during the transfer.

        • Gona also say about that elitism stuff.
          I quit Megaten BECAUSE of elitism.
          Also there’s a high chance of burnout if you’re not obsessed about SMT.
          My first goal was to get Alice of course it was too much a time and money sink to pull off so I settled for Joyful Alice.
          The Japanese server also held an event with Hitoshura / Demi-Fiend as an opponent. For SMT3: Lucifers call / Nocturne this could be a pretty big deal, because Hitoshura IS the most powerful entity in the lore.
          And actually beating him would open up a huge can of worms for me at least…

          • For SMT3 fans*
            This comment layout needs an edit function @-@

          • Yeah, I was in the inactive part that didn’t see any news/mention of this move so “To bad, to late!” was basically the end result of looking for information and trying to transfer it.

            I don’t know what elitism you could face. Everybody shares exp from the story quests, and promotes groups and guilds doing it together. Aeria held that “the first 50 players to level 20” event (another example of how lazy they where…) that had small guilds getting there in the first day because they simply played together and did each others Acts together.

            Once you get high enough level and are forced to just grind dungeons forever I guess you might have a tough time by yourself, but even then, guilds where always pretty open and hassle free as far as asking guild leaders to join through NPC’s.

            Tons of stuff you could run solo also.

            I guess I haven’t played it in a good while, but still seems odd.

            The hitoshura stuff is nice for fans, but really out of place in the timeline. But yeah, YHWH is the strongest “entity” anyways, and can’t truly be defeated without the universe ending.



            • Elitism that I had to face: People got so damn powerful that when we did a run the OP players would just rush ahead -> Kill everything and when the rest of the party wanted to deviate from the normal path the OP players would run through everything and leave others behind, gimping your xp gain due to the distance. (If an enemy is killed too far away you don’t get xp).

              Other was the really weird PVP scene. People yelling for others to join and when people join up and lose to the guys flinging 1 hit ko skills en masse would destroy everything and then tell the losing player to not play PVP because they sucked and that wasn’t once or twice either. It was so hypocritical.

              Also the games scale was small so everyone knew each other creating a lot of drama and guilds were pretty much smelting pots for drama. I was in about 8 guilds and about 4-6 of them broke because of internal drama.

              Megaten also got power creeped up the wazoo. When I quit people were hitting 30k and more and in pvp the best HP I had was nowhere close to 30k so the game was mostly 1 hit kills. Also PVP had a lot of drama in it and Epeen size matches were there aswell. Of course right now PVP is bugged up the arse.

              The PVE scene is the games saving grace. Making demons is a lot of fun for SMT fans aswell. But power creep, Epeen and gear elitism and the ridiculous prices that shot up to the heavens ruined the game for me. Example for out of control prices would be a butler ticket outfit which costs about 70 million, and enemies drop about 20- 100 macca so you have to start crafting to ever survive in the game.

              It’s not newbie friendly in anyway whatsoever. Solos were awesome! I played the game for a year and quit right before the transfer, and I think YHWH could be killed if everyone who believes in YHWH is killed also, but yes Hitoshura screws up the timeline A LOT. But he’s Hitoshura he’s entitled to slap time and reality in the face if he wants to. Still a little miffed that some guy named BBQSAUCE9988 could have beaten the Strongest SOB in the universe… just doesn’t feel right to me.

              RANT/RAMBLE/QQ Over and out. Geez that felt good to get outta mah chest. I do so love rambling about SMT…

  9. Ah, Fiesta… It’s been a long while since I played this. Very long.

    Played this back in beta and I’m quite a newbie when it came to MMORPGs back then. I LOVED the KQs, they were new and fresh to me. Speaking of… There were events way back then and if you tried to participate in it, oh boy, my frame rate would TANK. Basically, it’s a dragon that would assault the main town at that time.

    However, when time passed and I was looking at what I was doing, I just grew bored, somewhere in the level 30s or something. Mind you, I did play multiple characters, but even then I was getting bored by doing the same thing. Incidentally, it doesn’t help that I usually play solo in MMOs. Not a good way to spent your time, honestly. But that’s personal and it’s why I stopped playing MMOs like fiesta. WoW-likes if you will.

    Now if the game you are referring is SMT:Imagine, oh boy, more memories. I liked it back then when it was hosted by Aeria, especially the way the game is structured when it comes to combat. Whatever you use gets better and you only have a certain amount of points to ‘allocate’ to all the skills you wanted to use. But, same verse as Fiesta, I just grew bored of it. It didn’t help that getting demons and then fusing them for better ones is a PAIN if you don’t pay for it. The quests were alse bled dry very quickly, especially the story ones would just drop in like a drop of water in a bucket around the every few days.

    But if it is something else, fine with me. Getting exposed to more F2P’s that are less popular is always a good thing.

  10. Ugh, THIS game. -.- Out of all the MMOs I’ve played I’ve played this the least. I made a character, logged into the world, saw it was swamped with gold spammers, and immediately uninstalled. The best way to make me hate a game is to give me no customization options and to be another generic point-und-click game littered with gold spammers.

  11. Oh, Fiesta. I had it downloaded for the longest time on my old computer, as it came with Secret of the Solstice at the time for some reason or another. The one time I actually wanted to try it–around the time Solstice closed/Reborn started up–the version was so outdated for years, it couldn’t even update properly. Never really got around to play Fiesta because of that.

    I still might try it out, though. It doesn’t look like the most interesting game, but I like cutesy anime fluff, and it looks like it might actually run on my crap computer.

  12. Another solid review I really wish you had as many fans as Angry Joe or Guy with the Glasses but people don’t seem to be into MMO’s as much any more which saddens me that the consoles are slowing killing them off.

    I would love to say what your next game is but I’m not really up to date with the Japanese MMO market and the only 3 francises I can remember is Final Fantasy or Power Rangers or Dynasty Warriors.

    I do want to say though when you do review a few games i.e. FlyFF, Mabinogi, anarachy online, perfect world online or forsaken world I would love to play along side you and help out. If you would be interested in doing so and play I would love to seeing my friends don’t play them much anymore. You can reply or email me at and my Username in most MMO’s is this one here I am listed under if different I would tell you ahead of time.

    Now its time to kick some ass

  13. I tried Fiesta out a few years back and I tend to believe that it is very average as well. The game tends to remind me a lot of all the other eastern grindfest mmo’s that seemed to get very abundant a while ago such as Flyff, Scions of Fate and Pirate King Online/Tales of pirates.

    So I agree that this game probably won’t do all that much for you unless you’re really into your cutesy grinders or you’ve got a mate that plays who you love playing mmo’s with.

  14. Clip: “You can choose between blue, other blue, & other other blue.”
    Me: Lol…Oh shit, he’s not kidding.”

    I’ve had my fill of ultra simplistic chibi RPGs for awhile. The landscape needs to be akin to a glorious hiking trip to make the install worth it for those.

  15. You’re reviewing Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine next, aren’t you?

  16. I played the game for a bit but I got bored fast and it took way to much for my computer to run so ya I had to delete even if I liked it.

  17. SMT: Imagine next week? Oh man I hope so, that would be very exciting!

  18. You know, you can change the cel… Oh, you covered that part? Never mind, then. :p

    This is one FTP MMO that has never really spoken to me. I’ve seen the ads, and visited Outspark on occasion, but it really seemed kind of… blah. Your review just kind of confirmed that.

    Finally, that one hair colour is kind of more a purple than a blue. Just to be fair and all.

    • I was going to flash a quick text blurb that explained that I knew the third color was more of a purple, even though purple, especially that shade, is close enough to the blue end of the spectrum, but hoping people would let it go for the sake of the joke. I opted not to because it would explain and essentially ruin the joke.
      Thanks for making me regret not putting it there. :P

      In other fairness when Michael Showalter lists off the other colors, he refers to the color of my car, a dark grey, as “other silver”. I stand by my choice.

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