Final Fantasy XIV (Special Episode)

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  1. I have to say that i find these reviews helpful, while sometimes I do not share your opinion of things, at least you give a good explanation of why you feel this way about this and so on.

    I have to agree on not being a fan of the popculture references and memes that come up in quests though. While I havent played FFXIV I have seen these in other games and honestly I feel like it takes out quite a bit of the immersive feel of these games, which for a final fantasy game is probably one of the biggest sins immaginable in my opinion.

    • That’s really what I was trying to say with that point, but like I saw so often in GW2 there was a section of the fanbase that REFUSED to allow any criticism on a point without this weird “geek social fallacy” trope (specifically #2) of “Except [it] completely for [what it is]!” as if a slight against one thing is a slight against all of it.
      And as you said, they didn’t NEED that. It’s a Final Fantasy game. Regardless on how anyone feels about the lore and writing in the past, (as some have interjected odd lines like “Let’s mosey” and “You spoony bard!” as examples of “humor”, completely missing the point), it was never “Final Fantasmeme XIV: A Meme Reborn.”

      And it’s ok to not share my opinions. I don’t expect anyone to. It’s only when someone has to attack someone else over not having the same opinion, where a problem occurs… and that’s a REAL issue in this culture and subgenre.

  2. I got to the endgame in the expansion, but the truth is that FFXIV feels only like a standard MMO with nice graphics.
    But IF you start playing it as a Final Fantasy game rather than a mmorpg, the game becomes amazingly enjoyable.
    The only issue I have with the game now, is the lack of a really threatening enemy, probably because after fighting all those big ass primals, the ascians feel like… meh!~
    So the issue with this episode, is that the game feels more like a standard Final Fantasy game with more people rather than a mmorpg, which might have been the best decision for Square Enix.

  3. Great review, I’ve played this game and though I loved it, I preferred to stick with FFXI for awhile even though I BETA tested this 1.0 and 2.0 version of XIV. I’m real open-minded and you’ve hit the nail on the head for everything on this review!

    This is an epic event IMO cuz this isn’t F2P so I wasn’t expecting this, good show!

  4. I think I know a possible solution for the possible crashing. If anyone uses the Raidcall the overlay function is on the shift+tab just like Steam which for some reason crashes the game. My fix was changing the hotkey of Raidcall’s overlay to something out of the way.

  5. Thanks for the review – as usual MMOGrinder produces a solid and un-biased viewpoint on an MMO. I absolutely *love* watching the episodes produced as they give me a good idea of how an MMO works before I play it (geez I have been burnt a lot on some absolutely horrible MMOs) – all while making me laugh hysterically. I hear that’s good for the soul or something. Keep on making these vids, well done folks!

  6. The real meat of FFXIV is in the end game you really cannot do a proper review of this game unless you seen what the game completely has to offer.

    • The thing is, that’s very much a problem, and I strongly argue against that point. Pacing should offer most content spread evenly throughout the game, giving you an idea of what’s to come, and preparing you for it steadily. Having a healthy, robust endgame is great. Having the majority of the game’s features unlock at the max level is not.

      MMO Grinder is a show based on the experiences of a newcomer. MMOs are not like regular videogames. There is no instance of “all the game has to offer”. Systems get tweaked. Classes are changed, added, or evolved. Content patches bring about new challenges as often as they release. At some point, You have to concede to the MMO’s formula, and understand there is no possible way one could ever cover all an MMO has featured. This show is a compromise of that. Understand the basic principle, and leave something to be discovered. If the newbie experience is slow paced, and feels basic to those who have played, then that’s what I will report on. One cannot expect everyone to be sold on the game for so long, just for the promise that it gets better later on. It’s the same fallacy that Square has been tossing out with XIII, anyway.

      I conceded that FFXIV is not the norm for MMOs, and that I would work on getting to 50 since so many features are locked behind that level wall. It doesn’t invalidate any of the content in this video, however.

  7. So the next game is ZMR o.o?

  8. I just want to say, as someone who’s actually NOT that big an FF fan, that this game is still really good(I’ve been playing since 2.0 beta, and tried the beta of 1.0 as well). So I’d like to say that, as long as you don’t HATE FF, you can probably get into this game.

    As for the review itself, it was very good. I think the biggest issue I found was the lack of mention of cross-play between PC, PS3, and PS4. I know this is mostly a PC MMORPG show(not that there are a lot of console MMOs), but I thought that’s something worth mentioning at least in passing.

  9. I found this review to be pretty fair and informative for getting people to at least check the game out and see what is in this, then say when Spoony did a “review” and pretty much spent the whole two hours in the character builder bitching about pretty much everything about the game, then said “NOPE” as soon as one of the first quest was to kill x number of lady bugs.

  10. As an FF14 fan let me just say you did a bang-up job with this review. I can’t speak for the morons in the fanbase, but in my mind you did a very fair and even positive review of the game that I’ve sunk quite a bit of time into. Of course I don’t want to disappoint, here’s my big long list of random facts.

    The storyline does a bad job getting this across, but Eorzea is actually the name of the continent the game is set on. The world is name Hydaelyn after the big crystal that gabs at you.

    Morbols actually are more accurate translation of that monster’s name than Malboro. Phonetically the Japanese is “Moruboru”, they don’t start with a “Ma” or end with a “Ro” sound.

    A thing I appreciate that the combat noises is that they’re distinct for each move. I can tell the difference between Fire 1, 2, 3, and Flare purely by the noise they make, similarly as a Dragoon all 4 of my jumps sound different. All the fire spells sound like fire spells, but it’s a nice bit of polish to me that they sound like different fire spells.

    I love you pointed out the king slime hat.

    You hit it exactly about the extended tutorial that is FF14’s early levels. Your point about Nostalgia and series fanservice was also spot-on: FF14 was made for Final Fantasy Fans as a gateway MMO, so the early pacing problems are very deliberate. I will say that the high-end content is as complex and rewarding/challenging as any other MMO, but I will not defend that it’s often kind of a slog to get there. Many classes really don’t get all their necessary tools for quite a while, and more than one class radically revamps their playstyle from a move gained at level 50. I’m not going to say the game is flawless since you are correct about how the early levels can be frustrating for a Veteran MMO player, but if you or anyone is wondering if the game gets better or becomes harder the answer is a resounding yes.

    The telegraph issue you mentioned is actually worse than that. The game checks to see who gets hit by an AoE after the casting of the enemy’s move completes, which is often before the telegraph fades and well before the animation. This means that unfortunately the game is very unkind to people with poor connections.

    I also have a love-hate with handing things over. At least you can right-click things to hand them over.

    Each grand company has very slightly different gear they sell in their vendors, but you are correct that it really doesn’t matter except for PvP unless you want to play dress-up.

    The character-wide experience boost you mentioned for combat classes actually doesn’t require you to be level 50, you get it on any combat class that’s lower than your highest level combat class. You’ll get it when you switch classes to unlock your job at level 30.

    The mist actually one of the 3 Residential districts. The Mist is the one near Limsa Lominsa, there’s also The Goblet in Ul’Dah, and the Lavender Beds near Gridania.

    Limit Breaks actually have a third bar for an even more powerful effect, but that only appears when doing 8-player content. As you guessed they do get more usage in the harder instances, and the choice to use a Melee or a Ranged Limit break and when on certain bosses is a pretty big strategic consideration on hard bosses. Incidentally FF14 is odd in that 24-player raids are casual and designed to be done by Pickup Groups whereas the 8-player raids (Coil of Bahamut) represent the really bonecrushing stuff.

    The report option is cleverly and annoyingly hidden. It’s under Help Desk -> Contact Us -> Report player. It really should be more visible.

    In summary you did a great, objective review of the game. I really didn’t and don’t intend this post to be a litany of stuff “You screwed up”, it’s just a pile of little tiny factoids about a game I love. You hit the high points and gave a good, clear, and fair assessment of the game. I really love this game, and I really love that you gave it the sort of accurate review it deserves. That you weren’t aware the difference between Eorzea and Hydaelyn is small enough to be meaningless and doesn’t reflect badly on this review at all. I hope you will stay into the level 50 content, and moreover I hope you enjoy playing the game.

  11. You want to know why I love this game so much? You hit the nail on the head with that last bullet point under Play. This game, and a lot like FF9, is just this big love letter to older titles. With references and homage galore. It’s familiar territory; the very reason I could never get in to WoW. I never played any of the previous Warcraft titles, or know about the lore, so it was too foreign to me and I felt left out. But I know FF, love FF, and this game just showers you with that love. From Magitech mounts to an entire raid series actually built on homage to an older title (I’ll not give spoilers but you’ll definitely know when and if you play through it if you liked that specific title).

  12. Those songs I kept hearing and singing?

    Uldah’s Day theme sounded like “Springtime for Hitler” from the musical, The Producers.

    Toto-Rak’s dungeon battle theme had a small part that reminded me of “Naked Eye” by Luscious Jackson

    As a bonus, Great King Moogle-Mog sounds a lot like “This Is Halloween” from The Nightmare before Christmas.

    • This may just be me – but I’m equally sick of squeenixs recent bullshit – although I disagree heavily on FFX… then again I’m not ever sure I liked the mainline series to begin with… my favorite game is the entire series by far is still FFTA…. which might explain why I was more forgiving to FF12 then most….

      • I remember when I first heard about/played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. My friend told me he started playing one night before going to sleep, and after what felt like a few minutes of play, looked up to see it was 3:00am. I had the EXACT same thing happen to me the first night I played it as well.
        I remember getting my mage up to the Illusionist level, and the main character so overpowered, that I could literally end every match near the end game in one or two turns, save for boss fights.
        In fact, my love of FFTA was probably the reason I didn’t like FFXII that much. It didn’t feel like the “right” Ivalice, and it was the first time the combat was so out of the norm that I didn’t even remotely feel like I was playing a Final Fantasy game.

    • ::Listens to the first two menrioned:: Puahahaha….It really does sound like Springtime for Hitler, if you took the singing out.

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