The MMO Grinder 2012 Year-in-Review

Behold my totally subjective list of the MMOs I’ve reviewed from January to December of this year. In no particular order, I’ll be listing several of the games I’ve reviewed and events of the year, along with arbitrary “awards” that have no meaning other than a reason for me to talk about them more. Remember all games looked at BEFORE January of 2012 will not be counted, so Maple Story is STILL my highest viewed video, and Eden Eternal is still my favorite overall, at least out of the actually F2P games. Let’s get this shitstorm started!

Biggest Surprise: World of Tanks

I’m going to admit it right now, even if I already did in the beginning of the video, but I chose the game simply because I though it would be another simple arena shooter that I could play and drop without missing it. BOY, WAS I WRONG. Something about the more realistic control of the tanks, the excellent feeling of landing the last hit on a tank, and watching it explode into a hulking metal wreck. Yeah, there’s a bit of a learning curve, and it’s got a lot of aspects that make it legitimately arguable “Pay-to-Win” title, but if you’re not looking to be the top dog, and just want to hop in to lower tiered matches on occasion for the fun of it, you’ll have a good time.

Biggest Disappointment: Lineage II

I wanted to like this game. I THOUGHT I would have liked this game… I was starting to get into the game… right as I was nuked by a high-level player who killed people for the fun of it. I just can’t stand this kind of system. If you allow people to be dickheads people WILL be dickheads. The “penalty” for it is so low-key it might as well not matter, and it makes a barely tolerable title outright unbearable. My outright disposition of PK systems is the sole reason I’m so apprehensive of looking at “Mortal Online”. The entire game seems built around this kind of “Fuck everyone, I’ll get mine!” attitude, where it not “You and your allies against the evil forces” but “You against everyone ever.” It’s also why I have no interest in Day Z or War Z. I’m not asking a game to be “carebear” but playing alongside someone who going to act like your friend up until they need something from you, and end up screwing you over, or killing you for the same of opportunity doesn’t seem fun to me. People act like it a thrill, and if that is, more power to you, but I get enough of that shit from ACTUAL LIFE.

Biggest Controversy: The Shutdown of City of Heroes

Besides the DarkBlood shutdown, this definitely is one that “no one saw coming”. CoH was a feverishly loved game, lest I remind everyone how much pointless backlash my POSITIVE review of the game got last year, and with the developers actively teasing new content and offering up yet more improvements to the game, the extremely sudden “We’re closing down the game in 3 months.” The lack of detail led to rumors abound, from the blissful exercise in futile hope: ” It’s a marketing stunt for the next patch” to the conspiracy-laced: “Cryptic Studios is sitting on the license in order to kill the game” to the universally accepted truth: “NCSoft is kitten-drowningly evil” no game has seen greater efforts to get it revived to no fortunate avail. CoH remains one of my most watched episodes, the article I wrote on the matter is the second most read and commented article on this site, and “city of heroes private server” is the third most common search term that leads people to this site. The fans are still at it, looking to create and fund a new title, fire up private servers, or even find the game a new publisher, and despite NCSoft’s official corporate replies of “Cool story, bro” the community soldiers on. Some have bit the bullet and moved to Champions Online. Those who valued creative freedom over a “superhero world” have taken to The Secret World. For the rest, keep fighting the good fight.

Biggest Annoyance: The Guild Wars 2 Hype-Storm

In the internet, “new=awesome” and no game has mirrored such blind fanboy praise as Guild Wars 2. As far back as last year, I had people CONSTANTLY hammering on me to play, review, or give opinions on Guild Wars 2, a game which, at the time, for all intents and purposes DIDN’T FUCKING EXIST, giving me nothing to look at. People wanted to hear parrotted press releases, and every piece of news I heard on the game, from the fanboys to the actual news from the source, up until its ACTUAL release, made me want to punch the developers. Toward the end of the Closed Beta, I was offered by several people to have account passwords given to me but luckily I was able to get a beta key for the final weekend. For what I saw then, I enjoyed it and felt it really had potential. I didn’t feel the same way once I got to play the game full-time. What I stated in my Sidequest and my review ring true. The fanboys are COMPLETELY UNWILLING to say anything negative about this game, and it’s plainly suffering for it. Rather than address problems as problems, they make excuses for it. Camera is shit? “Oh, that’s part of the challenge!” Game completely infested with bots? “Well, it’s not like they are hurting anybody!” OK, hypothetical chucklenuts, remind me to show you the e-mail I got telling me my account was nearly accessed by someone in CHINA and tell me again how many people they aren’t hurting. It’s shit like this that makes me outright despise this community, and while I will never be one of those people who touts Guild Wars 2 as a “terrible game” or places it on their “worst of 2012” list in an attempt to be “edgy”, but I will say that it’s not the fantastic WoW killer everyone wanted it to be. Dynamic events prove problematic when you build your ENTIRE game around them. Waiting for things to happen isn’t all that fun. Placing invisible walls on platforming areas because it’s not the way the developers wanted me to get up that mountain reeks of poor-planning. Is it THAT hard to put a rock in the way? Ditching the trinity without leaving in some logical form of aggro table, and making self-heals almost completely ineffectual seems like a case of “idea first, execution later”. The game has PROBLEMS as many games do, but as long as the community continues to give them a free pass, this is a title that will stagnate for everyone far more likely than it stagnated for me.

My most backlashed review: Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE

Oh, the backlash wasn’t QUITE as bad as CoH, but this was probably the one that got the most attention for a title that not many people even know exists. I HAD played the game in the past. I DID play it for “more than a day” as I was oft accused of. I can keep the excuses up and it’s not going to matter. If you like the game, great. I didn’t find it as enjoyable. It’s not for me. I’m not saying it doesn’t have an audience. I’m saying it’s not for me. Also I am fully aware I pronounced “Tensei” wrong. Because if there’s one thing people wouldn’t shut up about, it was that.

My most well-received review: DC Universe Online

I went into this one fully expecting it to be this year’s “City of Heroes” and the opening skits with Rob “Tyger” Rubin were a collaborative effort in the works for a LONG time, especially as often as we discussed the fervor behind the CoH review. I was ready for a storm of people knowing that despite how quickly this game went Free-to-Play, it was still very much liked… and for once everyone agreed with what I said. It’s an interesting blend of action combat with a painfully limiting set of powers and skills, and a story that shoehorns you in as a copy of an existing superhero. You didn’t gain superpowers, you contracted a robot disease. The only detraction came in a mild form of those who disagreed with my “You’re a sidekick” assessment, and to that, I wonder if they ever played the other superhero games. Yeah, you occasionally have another hero ask you to do something, but most of your quests and missions come from average joes on the street, or cops in over their heads. It’s not Superman saying, “Yo, my hands are tied. Mind taking on this little problem for me? I’ll be back later to take the credit once you’ve softened them all up.” Still, people loved Rob’s cameo, and overall the video went better than I expected. It’s also, unfortunately, the LAST video that broke the 10k view mark this year.

My most watched review (of this year): World of Warcraft

I could probably place this under “my most redundant review” but I’ll get to that in a minute. This was a video of necessity, and I’m glad I did it. I was finally able to show people WHY I kept alluding to WoW in all my videos, and despite my aversion to hype, I did my best to talk this one up, and keep it a secret up until a few days after it was released, going as far as initially only titling it as “Episode 20”, and removing the title card. It also helped me realize that the game I once loved is no longer my favorite game, and cemented the fact that I wasn’t going to go back. Even with the new expansion release, I haven’t bought it, and this is coming from someone who bought 3 out of the up-until-that-point, four Collector’s Editions, even when they became increasingly expensive with proportionally less content. I wouldn’t go calling it my favorite MMO, even though it unquestionably WAS for a long time, I still appreciate all that is it, and was, and had it not been for this game, there would be no MMO Grinder. End of story.

Best Community: La Tale

When I saw that ad on La Tale reading “the best community in all MMOs”, I honestly was ready to prove it wrong. I didn’t foresee a simple 2D platform MMO with so many similarities to Maple Story having not only a decent community, but “the best one.” Man, I was glad I was wrong…. for the most part. Yeah, while in-game the people are helpful, polite, and humble, it seems my YouTube video on the title became inexplicably popular compared to the rest of my YT vids. (I’m guessing it was forum linked somewhere, but I can’t track that like I can on this site.) That seemed to bring in the YouTube crowd, and a few of the more “YouTube like” fans and detractors of the game came in to nitpick the hell out of what I was saying. Despite it still being a positively received video it kinda soured me a bit. I still hop in every now and again, and as much as people keep touting the upcoming Season 2 revamp, I’m more than willing to check it out again… as long as the people are still as nice as they ever were.

Worst Community: Brick-Force

There’s nothing inherently WRONG with Brick-Force as a game. It’s exactly what is says on the tin: A brick/LEGO/Minecraft inspired arena shooter that lets you design your own maps, and battle others within them. Unfortunately, it’s been completely swamped with CoD kiddies who actually aren’t old/good enough to play Call of Duty. Gone is the fun-lighthearted combat between players, replaced with curse spewing, trash talking children too busy arguing how “noob” or “OP” someone is, instead of actually playing.  Gone are the creative, interesting maps that take advantage of the build system and bring it to places never thought before, now swamped with tiny one-room maps made for the sole purpose of experience and point farming. The players can’t wait all of several seconds upon entering a match before spamming “go” and “start”, even if they’re the only other person in the room, and the room is a team focused match. It’s as if they have 5 minutes before their Ritilin kicks in, and they’re trying to get in as many matches as they can before they have to go to bed. I log in, wondering why I don’t play more often, only to be reminded in the span of 2 minutes why I don’t. This is WITHOUT A DOUBT a game that you will need to bring friends along and lock the rooms to your friends alone, unless you want to be inspired to spend the rest of your life devising a way to electrocute people through the internet.

Best Combat: Vindictus

What essentially amounts to a 3D Beat-Em-Up, Vindictus a.k.a. Mabinogi Heroes takes the kind of combat expected from games like TERA and RaiderZ and shows you how it is REALLY done. I still don’t understand why people think TERA is the be-all-end-all of MMO Combat when this game is around. Sure, the game is heavily instanced, and not an open-world, but my god, there’s nothing cooler than grabbing onto an enemy, slamming the hilt of your sword into their faces a few times, before flipping them over and slamming them onto your knee, or into a nearby wall, all with the simple combo of a few button presses. There’s no “grab n’ slam” skill you have to use a hotkey for, no wasting a precious hotkey to dodge, or attack with simple abilities. It’s double-tap, space, left-click and right-click, and with those 4 simple commands you can unleash holy hell with the right combinations. Granted, the game was quite repetitive, and a beast to run, and people mostly spent the entire time harping about my computer, missing the point of this well made game. Nexonian or not.

Best F2P conversion (for a former subscription game): Aion

After what happened with Lineage II, I was quite wary of Aion touting the same “truly free-to-play” moniker. Luckily, this is a game that retains the quality of the subscription title, which again, I was actively subscribed to for a while, without sacrificing anything that made the experience more or less enjoyable. Sure, feelings about the game itself are mixed, and many want to blame the game’s apparent loses for the death of City of Heroes, but I can at least tell you that if you were a subber back when the game was new, or a free player now, you aren’t losing ANYTHING out of the process, and that’s how this sort of thing SHOULD be done….

Worst F2P conversion: Star Wars: The Old Republic

…much unlike this title. Man, not only did I see this coming (the restrictions, not the F2P conversion) but so did everyone else. I had a real hard time believing that EA would even let their “WoW Killer” go F2P, let alone THIS SOON. Then after dropping their hypebomb on the release of Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Pandaria, EA/Bioware hushes the hell up. Then when they return, they give us a list that everyone though was an elaborate prank. Despite allowing for full story content experience, the restrictions were so draconian, the game might as well marketed itself as “Free-to-Try”. Wanna use the mailbox? Sorry, you gotta pay. Ready to form up a guild with your friends? I’m afraid you can’t do that, Dave. Enjoying those space missions? Money lets you enjoy them more often! Want to display a title, hide your helmet, add a last name, or even add more than 2 quickbars? Lol nope, pay to unlock it! While the extreme backlash the game has received some victories, like the apparent removal of the quickbar restriction and the character creation limit of 2 only, there’s still a lot of problems that didn’t bring the people swarming back like Bioware hoped it would. Sorry guys, you’re either WoW or you’re not. Can’t have it both ways.

Worst Timing: Hunter Blade and DarkBlood

Man, When I heard LUNA was shutting down, I was kinda shocked that a game I had looked at was going to be no more. I was even more shocked when I found out the same about City of Heroes. The key differences here is that both games had been out for a long time, and I’ve had episodes about them out for a while as well. Hunter Blade was out in open beta for only a month before I looked at it, and announced a shutdown only a month afterward. Saying “I felt like I wasted my time” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Then again, look at what Hunter Blade WAS. A literal rip-off of Monster Hunter, the title by Capcom, who’s notorious for upholding their copyrights. A game poorly translated and localized by a Chinese company that barely spoke English. A game with a Cash Shop that contained 400+ dollar items. This wasn’t a real shock to anyone.
Can’t say the same about DarkBlood, an original property that was being published by an established U.S. publisher. There was work put into the game. There was work STILL being put into the game, and yet, lo and behold a “Happy New Year” message is suffixed with “Oh, and we’re shutting the game down, lol. Go play Fiesta, k?” Leaving the community is scrambles wondering just what the hell brought this on, firing off theories and cursing the name of Outspark. Hell, Outspark has a title that IS ACTIVELY ABANDONED, and they’re still publishing it. What makes this one different is that the game was active, being actively developed, and overall was a TON of fun, and I’ve received many messages and comments from people telling me how much they loved the game when they tried it after seeing my review. Now having to tell just as many people that the game will be no more is really heart-breaking. If you can, give it a shot before January 15th, 2013 just to see what we’ll all soon be missing.

Favorite Overall: The Secret World

Shock of shocks, I know. Not since World of Warcraft has a game resonated with me so much. I honestly didn’t see myself liking this as much as I did. I was intrigued with the systems being presented, despite them all being ignored for the sake of Guild Wars 2 news. The setting also interested me, but once I found out it was a subscription game, I was beyond ready to ignore it. I was still annoyed with all the WoW killer talk Funcom’s other game, Age of Conan had, and the backlash from that kinda soured me on checking it out any further. Then after I signed up for a TERA trial for purposes of a Sidequest, MegaGWolf informed me he received an “Oh, I guess you can have this” style message from EA because he was an active SWTOR subscriber, granting him a few beta keys for the final Secret World beta-weekend, and he offered me one. I took one just so I would have another Sidequest to upload and OH MY GOD I did NOT expect to find what I found. This was a game that, in the face of the current “Let’s see what other color we can paint WoW” MMO market, said, “You know what? Fuck fantasy settings. This is taking place in the real world. You know what else? Fuck classes and levels. You progress through this game at your pace, unlocking the content you want to see, and playing to a style that fits you. You know what else? Fuck being the hero who saves the world from an invading force. You’re the bitch of a secret society whose sole purpose is to cover up the world’s dark secrets so the rest of humanity can live their daily lives not even knowing what you’ve done to save them.””Breath of Fresh Air” doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Combined with the best atmosphere featured in any MMO, a massive cast of interesting and memorable characters, deep, involving puzzle elements that will leaving you guessing or googling for hours, and an overall experience that hasn’t been done in any MMO to date. This isn’t a title you rush through to the end for, this is a game where you savor every moment, and take it all in. If you wanna rush, fine, go have fun spamming Agartha with the rest of the endless Nightmare Mode runners. I’ll be in Savage Coast reliving those AMAZING Amusement Park quests.
The game has only improved since its announcement of going “Buy to Play”, showing no content restrictions, and only charging (a small fee, mind you) for the latest Content Packs, which have improved drastically since they were first implemented, now granting you amazing overarching storylines, rather than a small pack of unrelated quests. Seriously, “The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn” was one of the coolest chain of events I’d see in the game, and it had myself, and the majority of my stream, on the edge of their seats. The game continues to grow and the Buy-to-Play announcement has resulted in a SERIOUS population boom, finally getting the game the recognition it deserves. Still, I can’t express enough that the game is NOT for everybody, but at least people are much more willing to find that out now.
The Secret World is HANDS DOWN my favorite MMO of 2012.

Fun fact: I would have listed DarkBlood as my “Favorite F2P”, if it wasn’t being shut down on January 15th. So lame…


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  1. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    Wat so you liked TSO after all? that’s a 180.

  2. Guus van Voorst

    Indeed, GW2 is overrated (ref. to Angry Joe making it Nr. 1 even). Its good, but it also has its flaws that just can’t be ignored and I’ve seen equally good MMO’s being ridiculated by people who “worship” GW2…

  3. I agree about the shock that was TSW. I picked it up during the Steam Winter Sale since it had just gone f2p, and am quite enjoying it more than I expected. I won’t put it as my favorite of the year, as I’m still a huge fan of all things GW2 (though I’ll actually admit faults like the shit camera and poor WvW balance).

    TSW is definitely worth trying. The only real issue with the game is a bit of a big one, in that it’s made with super glue and thumb tacks. The UI is seriously buggy because it’s made with Flash, constantly losing your shortcuts. I’ve had the Send Report button say a quest is turned in, but actually did nothing but make the button go away until next time I log in. And repeatedly NPCs in Transylvania (in particular Zaha) bug out and break story mission progress.

    Oh, and enemies chase WAAAAAY too far. Way, way, way too far.

  4. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    First off how long did you play? Any story oriented game takes time to work into and get a feel for but if you played very little you can’t really comment on the story much as you haven’t properly experienced it. Also any mobs in the early part (which it sounds like you’re still in) are easy, developers of MMOs ease you in with gimp mobs so you can get a handle of the controls and systems then work you up to harder stuff.

    It also sounds like you don’t do any research into a game before downloading and installing it. Planet Side 2 is a known FPS style game yet you went in expecting it to be strategic, how? Especially if you have an older computer you always need to check the system requirements of a game, doubly so for newer games. You can find that on the TSW site and other places. If you can’t run the game properly then that pretty much explain why you’re not getting smooth animations right there, why would you blame the game when that’s the case?

    Finally not every game is for everyone and his repeatedly stating that for this game as he did I believe various times when talking about this before and after the subscription fee was dropped and I doubt he ever linked to the subscription fee is redundant as it never really needs to be said in the first place. Take PvP, I can’t stand it, some love it and only want to do that in a game, this is as everyone likes different things, it’s the way things are. He even made a point to say this list is subjective, meaning based on personal feelings or opinions, bothering to state that is also redundant as it comes with the territory with any top whatever list. As such, why complain to him if you don’t like the game? If you just get things as people tell you they liked it rather than looking into it properly yourself then you’ll be disappointed many more times in the future.

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      All I had to do was look at the Planet Side 2 site for five minutes to see how they say it is a MMOFPS and the strategic element wasn’t related to fine details like you’re trying to say but general things like what points of interest to take in a battle and going in as an organized squad gives better results. You would seem to have superimposed your own hopes for that game rather than what was actually there and in turn were disappointed.

      What you droned on about looked to be a lot of nonsense, not research, as you expected Planet Side 2 to do one thing for whatever reason but it did another and you didn’t like that. You also really just went on and on about your expectations for Planet Side 2 and what other games did that differ from Planet Side 2 rather than matters regarding the actual game in question, The Secret World. My comment relating to Planet Side 2 was all of one sentence while the rest related to The Secret World. You would seem to have said nothing about The Secret World with the whole thing relating to Planet Side 2. You were trying to prove what, how completely you miss the point of topics?

      I just looked back at your older posts here and found an answer to one of the things I asked you in the earlier post, that being how long you played The Secret World. You didn’t even play for one day, on the afternoon of the 6th you said you’d try it, in the morning of the 7th you ranted about it. Clearly you were just in the starter area and at best very early level areas where mobs are gimp. Wow, you can kite the starter mobs and they are extremely easy, horrors, welcome to MMOs. You also couldn’t have experienced much of the plot or story in that time at all, yet feel inclined to go on about how bad it supposedly is.

      In looking at the other post you just made you clearly made various false assumptions rather than looking at what was actually presented. That would appear to be a trend for you.

      • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

        You’re rational and I’m a troll?!? You took a one sentence comment on Planet Side 2 in an otherwise completely The Secret World related post and responded with a long winded pointless rant about Planet Side 2 saying nothing at all about The Secret World. After playing The Secret World for less than a day you now feel you are an expert on the game going around different parts of this site telling people how much it supposedly sucks. You also blame the choppy animations you said you experienced on the game itself rather than your system when you even stated you couldn’t even run the game properly. There’s a host of other such examples but I’ll stop there.

  5. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    I think he said many time that the game was “not for every one”

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      I did. In the actual review. But I don’t agree with everyone’s assessments as to why. That statement that shotguns, which are actually being controlled by your anima, not ammunition, and the fact it depends on the skill used, not the gun itself, have a cooldown is a “reason to uninstall it”, that’s a serious nitpick, I’m sorry. I also mentioned my issues with Vindictus when playing it, and I had NO trouble playing TSW with that same PC.

      • I’m curious how your computer ever had trouble with Vindictus, but not TSW. Especially since Vindictus is on the Source engine.

        As for performance on TSW, it’s been documented there is actually almost no optimization. It’s why anything but top of the line video cards have serious issue, and AMD cards straight up cannot play in DX11 mode without hard locking at random.

        It’s a good game, but it’s made really poorly. Which is weird given that Age of Conan never had any similiar performance hitches.

  6. I feel bad for your SMT Imagine review, because -I- was the one that posted it on the official forums, where it got linked to one of the Atlus Online blogs. I just wanted to be helpful, ChaosD, I swear. :( I didn’t know people would blow up at it.

    The thread started out neutral. There was a bit of positive and negative points people had that were actually a bit legit, but it degraded quickly after the blog picked it up.

    • I’m positive that’s why most people post it on forums… th exposure. At the end of the day, it got a lot of views and I appreciate it. But it always seems it’s the forum threads that get out of hand once some person starts it. Same happened with CoH. It cracks me up because if the DEVELOPERS think it’s good enough to share with a massive audience, why would so many people consider it terrible? To each their own, I suppose.

      • I’m a former City of Heroes player and I thought your review was very well done. It’s even one of my favorite episodes of MMOGrinder. I don’t understand all the hate you got over it.

      • You got through the tutorial and the beginner dungeon. An exercise that takes an hour or two.

        I don’t regret that comment because I played the game a good bit, but it’s still nothing that I would get “worked up about” or try to use as some “crusade against the review” really.

        Was just sort of a “What the…?” comment after watching it.

  7. you probably all-ready have hate emails because of this list…

  8. I want to point out that TOR didnt get rid of its quickbar limitations. Free players are still stuck with 2 and becoming a preferred player only gives you an extra two more out of the possible 6 (or maybe its 8). Same thing with the character slots, preferred players are supposed to get an additional 4 slots but that hasnt been implemented yet. So they only eased up on these restrictions, but youre still required to pay to see the benefits.

  9. I have to agree with the mega hype coming from GW2..I kept hearing everyone saying how innovative it was with “no normal quests”. At this point I hunting for an mmo that I could actually get into and not just play for a couple of hours and put down.
    Well to be honest I finally bought GW2 on sale for Christmas and I must say, this was the game I needed for my mmo craving. The game is fantastic! I love the different style of it. But I still feel like it was over hyped. I guess I am glad I ignored the hype and waited long after its release to play otherwise I might have been disappointed. TO be fair the game is a great game and I’m glad I purchased it :)

  10. ( On GW2) ” The fanboys are COMPLETELY UNWILLING to say anything negative about this game, and it’s plainly suffering for it. ”

    … What have I been doing? Do I not count? And I’ve seen others too. The Reddit thread is pretty vocal about issues too, so I’m writing that statement off as invalid, ( in its literal sense anyway. Normally I’d say it was just hyperbolic but you keep saying it so…).

    I also… I haven’t wanted to bring this up before but I guess its relevant: I don’t see that much hype or backlash on your comment sections for much of anything, save for the odd CoH thing or one or two guys that pop up to say ” ACTUALLY you’re WRONG because you SUCK,” or something. You don’t average that much on Blistered Thumbs or TGWTG, or at least not giant chunks of them, (not Spoonian levels high). Are you getting tons of bothersome emails or something? Or are you responding to things you’ve seen people say on other’s stuffs? Or are you overreacting to what (relatively) few comments I see that you get? I see you act berated a lot, but I’m not seeing much of the berating.

    • In game of GW2, I had yet to see a single person who wasn’t dogpiled because they dared to vocally express there was something wrong with the game. In various threads and videos and comment sections throughout the net, this is echoed. I’m not saying there aren’t people willing to point out the problems, but there are just as many, if not more, willing to defend this game to the death. Also, if you consider yourself a fan of something, never refer to yourself as a “fanboy”. It’s not a badge of honor, it’s a term painting that particular fan as immature and unreasonable.

      Speaking of unreasonable, it the fact that I’m not as commented or well known that comments directed to me in a public sense, for the most part, remain civil, especially those on here and BT. What you are not seeing are the tweets, the PMs, and the forum posts that nitpick and lambast the hell out of everything I say. Lately my Youtube backlog is getting its fair share as well. It comes with the territory, as I explained in the beginning of my WoW review. Just because you don’t directly see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I haven’t even been searching that hard, and I’m positive I’ve barely scratched the surface.

      • I didn’t know there was a difference between fanboy/fangirl and fan, other than perhaps elevation.

        As far as the flack, I’m sorry I insinuated that perhaps you might have been blowing stuff up. If I can give any advice it might be… some sort of public humiliation for repeat/extreme offenders. You do have the bullhorn after all.

      • Youtube Comments is just another name for Troll Forest, you know what I’m mean? That place is where manners go to die.

    • ClipOnSunglasses

      Dude, Guild Wars 2 has some of the Worst Baby’s First MMO fanboys out there.
      I replied to another user on Angry Joe’s GW2 Review on youtube because he said that GW2 was Free to Play. I told him that the game wasn’t actually Free to Play as you need to spend 60$ before you can play any of the game, so it’s very obviously 60$ shy of being free to play and not having a subscription isn’t the same thing. I even went out of my way to say that I wasn’t criticizing the game, I was just trying to correct him as getting easily verifiable things like the payment model wrong is highly damaging to your credibility when you try to promote a game you enjoy.
      The next morning I had 8 different users trying to tell me that a mandatory 60$ upfront fee was still free to play and at least 3 of them made sure to bring up world of warcraft completely unprovoked, as if World of Warcraft is the only other MMO to ever exist. And what’s worse is that they were measurably wrong when they said GW2 was cheaper than World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft is playable as a Free To Try, which is closer to Free To Play than a Buy to Play game. The GW2 community is filled with zealots with a blatant disregard for facts or research in order to promote their game without understanding how counterproductive that really is to their cause of recruiting new players.

      • If you look again I think you’ll find it’s calmed down now. I’ll be one of the first to defend the game if I see an honest mistake in its portrayal, but I’m also the first to call it out on its crap.

        You know what? The game’s camera sucks. Big time. And it wants you to do jumping puzzles with that camera and those controls? I have thrown shoes at walls. The personal story line is not very good past the two thirds mark, so much so that I haven’t been able to bring myself to finish it. I’ve seen how it ends, and I’m not impressed. The way the story is handled and rushed makes me the saddest I think, especially when it was done so well at the start. The world is even interesting, the back story is decent, but the one we’re supposed to play through is pretty bad. ( I could pick at the story all day, but that’s my bread and butter.) I hate that you get shuffled in sPVP matches. I don’t like that some dungeons need to be opened in order to do them, (and that the opening event can take longer than the dungeon). I don’t like that you can skip dungeons out of order in the story line, (if you have to unlock them, unlock them in order I say). I hate the way some of the human/norn female armor looks compared to the same set on the males, (skimpy on girls should mean skimpy on guys). You can’t walk around with your underwater weapons in town, (out of combat option), so I guess you suck if you went for one of the underwater legendaries! There’s no trade function. Mini pets don’t work as well as WoW’s system. You don’t get very good loot for your efforts against veterans or champions. THE LOOT BAG SYSTEM IN WVW IS GARBAGE AND MAKES ME WANT TO SHANK THINGS.

        But… those are all of my gripes really. I really love the world I get to wander around in, the cities are beautiful. I like that there’s no carrot on a stick that you have to do to play with your friends. I like the dungeon story lines and characters. I like dynamic events, now that they’ve fixed up how the rates work and have allowed decent loot to drop in low level areas so that you can go there. I see the waves of bans that happen on the gold farmers and how nice it is for a while, ( it’s always like The Calm in FFX, they’re going to find a way back but its clean for a while). I love that the charr ladies aren’t just cat girls with boobs, and just visual attention to detail in general. I love the combat and how powerful it makes you feel, I like that there’s no real trinity and you can fiddle around until you find something that works, (and that gets even better when you start playing off of others in a group). It doesn’t tell you how to play, and it isn’t afraid to let you fail for dumb choices either. I love the PvP in this game, sPvP and WvW and I HATE PvP in every other game similar to this one. ( WoW’s was just not fun for me.) I love that there is so much to do, I love the big dragon fights, I love playing with others, I love how nice the in game community is, (comparatively). I love how deep the mechanics can become, but also how shallow you can play if you want. It amuses me how Steve Blum and Crispin Freeman are everywhere, ( you can play a drinking game! You will die.)

        Is it perfect? Heck no. But I really like it, warts and all. I beg you not to judge a village based on its idiots.

    • The whole overzealous fan thing really doesn’t help any game but is seen far too often. Sometimes I think it’s as people haven’t experienced anything else like with Korean F2P games. Even when the publishers here are offering the worst service imaginable and even engaged in technically illegal practices some people still come to their defence and sing their praises. I’m sure a number of the defenders just never played any large online game and games more true to the title MMO outside of those managed by Korean F2P companies so don’t know just how badly they are managing things compare to what else is out there. As a result things just seem to get worse and worse with those games and more so their management, which is a shame as there’s some good games among them.

      Hype is just out of hand all too often and GW2 was shaping up to be a bad example of that long ago already as it was just talked about like if it was God’s gift to gaming before there was even anything to play. MMOsite has these best of 2012 polls going on and even though Scarlet (Queen’s) Blade hasn’t even been released here yet it’s in there and doing VERY well, top three in a couple categories I think. People first off are obviously pervs (look the game up if you’re wondering about that point), secondly are far too ready to jump on a bandwagon about this or that.

  11. Yup, these are definitely the answers I would have expected for these categories.

    World of Tanks is definitely a must try, even if you’re not into that genre of gaming & I really owe you thanks for steering me clear of Lineage 2.

    Though I never read much if any backlash on any of your reviews & I only recall hype for Guild Wars 2 in 2007-08 in game magazines when it was announced & moderately in 2010-11 on the Escapist forums when the open beta came out.

  12. I’m somewhat surprised at the amount of crap you get.

    Well okay, scratch that, it’s understandable that people will rage over MMOs, it comes with the territory.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I appreciate what you do, this show is one of my favorites and has helped fill the void since the Nostalgia Critic went off the air.

  13. About the best combat and double tapping, double tapping is really horrible for anything. Worst idea to ever grace action games. Always happens by accident when you least need it. Same goes for tapping a direction key + another for an action. C9, RaiderZ, Vindictus all use it. I think Dragon Nest too? TERA doesn’t.

    • You wanna tell me you hit the key for dodging and a direction by accident? How do you do THAT? It’s one button that is assigned for dodging and don’t tell me TERA hasn’t one. Do you hit on it also by accident? Or do you suggest not having a dodging skill at all?

      • Not at all, I mean double tapping a direction key to dodge is bad, another key + direction key is fine. To clarify the direction key + another key, it’s bad if it’s used on something you use frequently like your left click “normal” attacks. For example, in RaiderZ, pressing forward and your normal attack execute a special frontal attack, which is a rather long animation and you’re completely locked. When playing a berserker, often you want to press forward to get in range of the monster to hit it and you have to do it fast, but you hardly ever want to use that forward attack move. Sometimes you just want to move and not do that special attack.

        • Sorry for the misunderstandment. But does the Premier Version of Vindictus (the one you have in the US) really use double tapping? Because the XE Version (the one we have in the Europe) doesn’t.
          And yes I also think that double tapping is annoying. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t play C9 or RaiderZ.

          • It’s direction key plus shift/ctrl (one of those) to dodge in Vinidictus over here. Guess he was thinking of another game, probably been a while since he played it.

            • You’re probably right. I’ve always preferred double-tap to dodge… but I can’t help but feel double-tapping played into Vindictus somehow… was it for running, maybe?

            • I’m still in the process of getting rid of my NX before uninstalling that, my last Nexon game so I popped it open. You can start running by double tapping or a direction key + ctrl. A direction key + shift dodges/rolls in that direction. Pressing E has you pick up or grab something, including mobs (except Evie, the magic user, she can’t gab mobs) then you can drag them to a wall and try to put their head through it by hitting right click or just bash the crap out of them with left click.

              There’s also some stuff that I don’t think was around during the time of your review. The space key has you jump and all three basic storage chests are open from the start rather than as you progress through the story. More hot keys were opened up for consumables as well. Then there’s two new characters, an archer (Kai) and another dual wielder (Vella) which at least for now seems to be a faster and more aggressive but female version of the original dual wielder (Lann). Both only have one weapon option at the moment.

              One older thing to add though is that SP skills are done through a hot key (Z) and cycled with another (X). Those largely don’t come up till later levels (38+) so you most likely never got a char to that point, Evie has a few that can be used that way or the more traditional way in early levels though.

            • Oh yeah, they also added pets. Considering as how that’s what I just spend my NX on it’s odd I forgot about that.

            • I didn’t play vindictus for a while but yes, you have to double tap to run. Not as bad as dodging but still bad imo. I’m not saying it’s a bad game though.

            • @patlefort
              You can but don’t have to double tap to run in Vindictus, direction key + ctrl has you run as well. The only double, triple, or quadruple tapping in Vidictus you must always do is in regards to your attacks where you would for instance hit the left mouse button three times followed by the right mouse button.

              I agree with his assessment about the combat in Vindictus, it’s very fluid and probably the best aspect of that game. The reason why I don’t always remember specifically which modifier key I hit to do what is it is just done automatically when I play since it’s so natural to do. If it weren’t for Nexon and the other problems I wouldn’t be quitting Vindictus.

          • You can disable double tapping to dodge in RaiderZ but not in C9 (at least I didn’t find a way).

  14. 0.o wow darkblood’s shutting down too? jeez that’s 2 games i was starting to get interested in that end up getting shut down

  15. Since I’m a fairly loyal Aion player, I’m glad it got your “Best F2P Conversion” rating or whatever lol. And I agree with the mixed feelings regarding the game. And about Lineage II. What a shame and legendary annoyance that game was.

    Looking forward to what you do next year for sure! Happy New Years!

    And if I cave, (which thanks to you I might ChaosD1) maybe I’ll see you in The Secret World.


    • Aion really was a fun game, hell still is probably. But I’m really not much for PvP and forcing that damn Pando media booster down peoples throats to even update the game helped drive me away from it eventually.

      I still enjoyed it a hell of a lot more then Guild Wars 2 and its 2-3 weeks of content and many other ones I tried this year.

  16. All seem pretty fair. I played Linage (the first one) when that was newerish and HATED how some bored high level would come around lower level leveling spots to get their jollies from killing off low levels. When I saw that was in Lineage II I just decided to steer clear.

    Still no explanation given for the Dark Blood closure. I was poking around and found one of the GMs showing someone from a game review site the new content and current thief event a week ago or so. Now it’s gone, what the heck.

  17. I agree with your favorite MMO of 2012. :)
    Its an absolutely AMAZING MMO that takes several brave steps into territory that no other MMO has even dared to think of.
    The day it went buy to play, I bought it in a heart beat and I’m enjoying it. :)

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