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Backtrack: Doctor Who: Worlds in Time (December 2012)

Original review: Episode 13


DarkBlood (Episode 32)

The Secret World (Halloween 2012)

Updated in Backtrack: The Secret World (02-2013)

Guild Wars 2

Backtrack: Brick-Force (October 2012)

This is the first episode of something simple I wanted to do called “Backtrack” where I take a very quick look at the updated made to games that I previously reviewed. As for the show itself, I tend to look at things that affect the newbie experience, so changes to endgame or expansions for high-level players wouldn’t necessarily be looked at, unless there’s an unlikely chance I’ve reached it.

Let me know what you think, if there should be any changes made, or suggestions. I’ll admit this is pretty phoned in right now.

Original review: Episode 22

Tribes: Ascend (Episode 31)

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Sidequest: Firefall

Audition (Episode 29)

Hunter Blade (Episode 28)

Sidequest: Guild Wars 2

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